You little shit!

Today was LilMiss’s last day of Elementary School. Over 1/2 of her friends will be going to a different middle school, so I gave her a disposable camera to capture memories.

Until some little shithead decided LilMiss didn’t need her camera. She had a pic of herself and her “crush”, but so what. Who cares if she overcame her shyness to ask him to pose with her. Obviously not the little thief. The pic of LilMiss with her closest group of friends, two of which are moving to a different state next month? Hope you like it, you little brat.

It’s not lost. LilMiss knew exactly where it was - in her backback behind the teacher’s desk. We’re pretty sure of who took it. But there’s little that we can do about it. The parents think their horrible child walks on fucking water. LilMiss and that kid had another run in a few months ago and when I called the Mom I was told that her pwecious widdle angel could never be so mean. Uh. Yeah.

Now LilMiss is up in her room crying. What a fucking great way to end the school year. Thank you, you horrible little shit.

My sympathies, MissTake. It pisses me off when people trivialize property theft because it is about more than the mere possession of a thing. It is about the investment of time, effort, and creativity to make the thing — especially cases like this — invaluable. She didn’t just lose a camera; she lost a piece of herself. I suppose it would be useless to press charges?

If you know, one hundred percent absolutely completely certain, that the other kid took it, phone up and ask for it back. That’s theft. Granted, it was a one young child from another, but it’s still theft.

Give LilMiss a big hug for me :frowning:

You have every right to be furious, MissTake. That’s really shitty. Would it be possible to bide your time until the thief’s high school prom and then throw pig blood on her?

Since I expect any ensuing discussion to be entirely reasonable and sympathetic, I’m going to move the thread to MPSIMS.

Awww! Considering it is so important to your daughter, as it should be, and if you know for sure that it was this little brat of a kid, go around to the kids house, with your daughter and tell the mother that the kid has five minutes to come up with he camera or you’ll be calling the police. More than likely, the mother will laugh in your face, just act cocky and tell her that whether she likes it or not, her kid stole and thats a criminal offence. People have been charged for stealing less. And just to show her you’re serious, tell her that if all else fails, that you have every intention of suing for emotional damages as this is obviously distressing your daughter. Watch how fast the mother searches the kids stuff herself.

My mummy did it for me :smiley:

Is the thief going to be one of the ones going to school with her next year though? She might not want to deal with the repercussions for the next few years if Mom goes postal on the thief’s parents.

That kid sucks, and I can’t believe the teacher and/or admin didn’t even attempt to find the camera. End of the year so don’t bother enforcing rules?

Poor LilMiss. :frowning:

Well, at least if it goes this far you’ll have evidence that the camera was indeed LilMiss’, not LilShit’s, because the pictures on the developed film will be the ones LilMiss took. You might want to point that out to LilShit’s mom.

Yes, I would try mentioning that to the mom. Maybe you could offer to get the pictures developed? Or maybe, if it’s the pictures that matter the most, not the camera, just ask that they be returned after they are developed, no questions asked. I know that wouldn’t do anything to teach the kid a lesson, but it doesn’t sound as if that’s going to happen anyway.

I’d also recommend putting out a sort of APB to the rest of the class, asking for copies of any pictures they have from the last days of the year. Kids are sometimes surprisingly generous with that sort of thing.

I’m sorry this happened. I hope it doesn’t taint her memories of her school or her classmates.

Please tell me this was in jest.

She spent a good portion of last night crying.

I do feel somewhat guilty as, during one of her crying jags, I reminded her that she was supposed to keep the camera on her person at all times - which she obviously did not do.

We’re pretty sure who kiped it, not 100%. LilMiss did leave a message for the brat who we believe took it. Brat did not call back. In talking about it, LilMiss believes if it was that particular kid she may stand a chance of getting it back. Brat’s best friend also had a pic on the roll of herself and her crush.

I have placed a few calls to some of the parents who tend to hear the gossip. But, I really do not believe LilMiss will ever see those pics. I also spoke with the principal this morning about it. She blew it off like it wasn’t a big deal. Overall, it really isn’t. I also took pics of the ceremony and her dad’s gf videotaped it. However, these were her pics. I don’t see how someone else would find them too interesting.

Approaching Brat’s parents along this line might have a better chance of success:

“Um, there was some kind of mix-up at school and my daughter’s camera got lost or mis-placed. I’m calling all around trying to see if we can find it. Did it wind up at your house by accident?”

I think this approach provides a better chance of recovering the camera, which, after all, is the objective.

I was about to post the same thing. You call up the parents and say that you’re sorry to bother them, but you’re calling ALL of the parents to see if there was a mix up and somehow their kid ended up with the camera. Easy mistake seeing as it was the last day of school and confusing and all. It would be a good lesson to your daughter about how to properly handle a situation like that, as well as a lesson in keeping valuable property locked up or on your person.

Any chance of having a small get together this weekend and including the kids that are moving away? Might get some photo ops there.

Well…kinda. When I was younger a mean young not-so-princess-like girl took someting of mine. After all else failed, my mother whipped out that line and had the straightest face when she said it. The other girls mum laughed. My mother asked “why are you laughing?”. The other woman stopped laughing and said “give me five minutes”. Came back, little brat in tow, I got an apology and my stuff.

Thanks mummy :stuck_out_tongue:

The hell with that.

If MissTake takes John Carter’s non-confrontational suggestion to call around without accusing anyone, then there should be no repercussions. The camera is LilMiss’s property, and she has every right to it. If the theif’s mom finds some reason to be offended, then that is her problem. People only get away with this crap as long as people allow them to.

MissTake, I really hope you’ve followed up on this by now.