You might be an Okie if...

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You might be an Okie if…

You can properly pronounce all of the following, and without laughing: Eufaula, Pushmataha, Okemah, Tishomingo, and Chickasha.

You know that the true value of a parking space is determined not by the distance to the door, but rather by the availability of shade.

A tornado-warning siren is not necessarily cause for alarm. (It’s usually just your signal to go out in the yard and look for the funnel. Fun for the whole family.)

If you’ve ever had this conversation with your friends: “Y’all wanna coke?” “Sure.” “What kind ya want?” “Dr. Pepper.”

You understand most of the following concepts and expressions: dry county; The B.C. Clark Christmas jingle; Once saved, always saved.; “Boomer Sooner”; “Shoot far (fire) and save the matches!”; Vacation Bible School; peppered cream gravy on everything, please, Ma’am; “Just open all the windows and git in the bathtub.”

You understand that Oklahoma is a Southern state and a Southwestern state and a Western state all at once and this is not a contradiction in your mind. The local paper quickly covers national and international headlines on the front page, but requires six pages for sports and two pages for local church news.

You know more than one woman who has used an O.U. football schedule to plan her wedding date.

You don’t find it in the least bit odd to see “chicken fried chicken” on a menu.

You know the difference between “Durant” and “Doo-rant,” and you also know which state has a “My-am-muh,” and which has a “My-am-ee.” (Miami)

A BMW is not nearly the status symbol as is a Ford F150 4x4.

You don’t find it in the least bit odd to find video rentals, ammunition, and live bait all in the same convenience store.

You know all four seasons by heart: Christmas, Tornado, Summer, Still Summer, and Football.

You can’t always remember which year your sweet Mama was born, but you can rattle off the years of all the “terrible hot” summers in your lifetime lickety-split

We had a heated debate as to the pronunciation of Eufaula when we drove through there awhile back. Is it “you-fa-oo-la” or “you-fowl-a” or “O-fall-a”? These were the three guesses that we came up with.

I think I need to move to Oklahoma.

A lot of these apply to Georgians as well. :slight_smile:

Sidenote: On the way to Florida with the family, my kids cracked up when they saw a sign proclaiming that the “Eufaula (U-fall-uh) Inn” was just ahead. Just imagine the hilarity it produced. ("how do you leave, do “Eufaula out”? HAHAHAH!)

Yep, that’s what I heard all the way to Florida.

I am currently just outside Tulsa for a company training thing - never been to the US before.

First day lunch menu I see this:

Chicken Fried Chicken
My reaction:

WTF is that??



Damn Yankees. :wink:

You might also be an Okie if you have more than oneitem of clothing from Eskimo Joe’s and you know when Stan Clark’s birthday is. (last week)

To clarify: “YOU-fuh-luh.”

Yes, many of these apply to more than just Okies. My cousin had the UGA logo on his wedding cake in icing. It was awesome.

Leather boots are still in style for manly footwear.
Beads and Roman sandals won’t be seen.
Football’s still the roughest thing on campus.
And the kids here still respect the college dean.

You might be an Okie if…
Ø you recognized yourself in any character of “Joe Dirt”
Ø you think “a seven course meal” is a pizza and a six-pack
Ø you honest-to-God-believe that a Volvo is a part of female anatomy

You might be an Okie if. . .

If you hear “Hey, Y’all! Watch this!” you get the first aid kid, because you know someone is going to blow themselves up.

If ‘becoming respectable’ means moving you couch from the front porch onto the back porch.

Heh, my in-laws live in Oklahoma, and I got such a charge out of this list. My first visit out there (I’m from New York) – someone could have made an Oscar-winning documentary simply following me around with a video camera.

I don’t know from chicken fried chicken. I seriously thought this was a typo on the menu. And they * do* put that pepper gravy stuff on everything, either that or ranch dressing. I have never seen so much ranch dressing in my life. Also, they made me eat okra. What’s up with the fried pie? (That was good, though.)

Their favorite Christmas song is in fact the BC Clark jingle. I’m not 100% sure, but I think I heard this at the holiday church services. It’s hard to tell, because it took me about three visits before I could understand everything that was being said.

You’ve also got some strange intersections going on. I notice they didn’t make the list, so perhaps people in Oklahoma aren’t aware how unusual they are. I can’t believe you don’t have more accidents (I guess they’re mostly caused by New York drivers).

Dad’s side of the family is from Oklahoma (Yukon, to be exact). Spent many a summer out there while I was a kid, and boy-oh-boy does this bring back memories.

Dad’s side of the family is from Oklahoma (around McAlister and surrounding area). It’s not such a bad state save for the total lack of trees.

However, it should be renamed to North Texas to reflect what it truly is.

Blackeyes wrote:

I thought ths was funny. My dad’s from Oklahoma (El Reno), and he has three degrees in forestry. BS from Oklahoma State. [brag]He was alumni of the year at the December 1999 graduation ceremonies.[/brag]

Blackeyes wrote:

I thought ths was funny. My dad’s from Oklahoma (El Reno), and he has three degrees in forestry. BS from Oklahoma State. [brag]He was alumni of the year at the December 1999 graduation ceremonies.[/brag]

We got trees!

Those sad, survived this year’s tornados again deformed scrub oaks, and those pretty pear trees at all the shopping centers and malls (those are the only ones not deformed by the tornados though), and redbuds all over!

However, I thought Red Earth just referred to the Pow-Wow until I moved here. The dirt really is red.

Until I read this thread I never quite realized how much I was raised Oklahoman, even though I was way out in So.Cal. Damm but Grandma was a good cook, with a minimum of three kinds of potatoes at every meal, and something was gonna end up chicken fried, yep.

Jewelery is the gift to give,
Cause it’s the gift that’ll live and live.
So give the gift you know can’t fail,
from B C Clark’s… Anniversary sale!

Most sales are after Christmas,
but Clark’s is just before
Most everything is marked way down,
Saving’s you can’t ignore,
at Oklahoma’s oldest jeweler
since eighteen ninety two,
So give the gift you know can’t fail,
from B C Clark’s… Anniversary sale!

Thank you, I’ll be here 'til Thursday. Try the viel.

Go Sooners


My mother came to visit me here in Atlanta, she couldn’t believe how straight the trees are here. In Oklahoma, they all grow at a slight angle from all the wind.

Tornados. I’ve seen a few.

All the trees here in Georgia may be ‘purty’, but there’s nothing like seeing the sun set across the great plains.

Is there still a Paul Mead Insurance Agency? I remember part of their jingle too. "… call us and we’ll take care of you, five eight four, oh five four one! They were a high risk insurance company in Oklahoma City. Their mascot was this cowboy guy that looked like “The Nice Man in the Yellow Hat” from the Curious George stories.

Big Ed’s Burgers? Mathis Brothers Furniture?

Big Ed’s, IIRC, went belly-up (so to speak–those of you in the know will get the pun) several years ago. But for those still living there, especially in OKC, how about Charcoal Oven (best chili dog in town), Ann’s Chicken Fry (chicken fried steak, not chicken), Johnnie’s, and Goldie’s?

And how I miss Braum’s peppermint candy ice cream.