You Motherfucking Father-Raping White Trash Fuckers In Hayward

Shut the fuck up!

Drunken next door neighbors- I know it’s a fine tradition for you guys to get loaded on meth and beer and have domestic disputes to the point where most of the neighborhood calls the cops, but do think FOR ONCE you could skip it? Also, unlike New Year’s, please do NOT aim your artillery at this complex. If morning brings another ROman Candle on my porch, I will somehow find a way to have your ass arrested. Goddamn, you evil trashy whore, cackle again and I swear I’m coming over to put a boot in your ass.

Chain-Smoking Alkie Mom on Floor 1- Giving your daughter a HUGE BOX of fireworks for her 11th birthday was REALLY FUCKING STUPID AND IRRESPONSIBLE. Letting her set them off DIRECTLY BELOW my son’s room was just wrong. Nevermind the baby across the hall and one floor below. Thanks for waking EVERY BABY in the complex. It’s been a two hour symphony of sadness around here, and all the parents who have to work tomorrow collectively say, “Fuck you.” Oh, and a woman of your generous girth should NOT, I repeat, NOT, ever wear red lycra hot pants and a grey wife beater. It only highlights your disturbing lack of teeth. At 35.

Asshole next complex over- I hope you win a Darwin award tonight when the bullets you are firing in the air all Yosemite-Sam-Cum-Mexicano come back down. “Yiiiii yiiiii yiiii yi!” is NOT how to attract the chicks, either.

I hate you all. Hate hate hate. Motherfucking trashy-ass Hayward motherfuckers. Living in Worcester was never this bad. And they found a decapitated woman under the leaves on our block that year.

I hope you all blow off bits of yourselves.

You fill me with grrrrrrrr.
:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

Have you already called the cops?

You are very funny. The cop copters are already circling the town. Unless something is on fire, I doubt we’d make the list at all.

Even on nothing special Wednesday nights we have had to wait HOURS for them to show up to respond to a fight between two guys in our parking lot (fat lot of good that did), and over a half hour for a domestic violence incident also involving a wrench being thrown at the baby next door. Admittedly, they brought the cop dogs in for that one, which was interesting.

Hayward is a Bad Place. We move soon. We regret moving here a LOT. They should just drop a dome over the place and let the residents duke it out amongst themselves without possible contamination of the rest of the area.

Damn. Um… good luck?

Buy our neighbor’s house. That way they can buy yours and move. It sounds like your neighbor’s family just moved in 2 weeks ago.

I, too, am full of grrrrr!

It’s probably an UL, but one fellow claimed to have called the cops on some thieves who were breaking into his garage and was told that there wouldn’t be an officer available to respond to his call for a couple of hours. The guy called the police back a few minutes later and said, “Don’t bother sending an officer as I’ve just shot the bastards.” Within moments, his place was surrounded by cops who arrested the perps and asked the guy, “I thought you said you shot them.” To which the guy responded, “I thought you said there were no officers available.” Now, I’m not suggesting that you do this (It’s probably illegal, like filing a false police report or something.), but I thought that you might find it amusing.

You could always do what a neighbor of mine did one year. She had cows (this was a rural area, but still, they had probably a half acre or less of land, including house) and some kids kept driving by, setting off fireworks to spook the cows. The second or third time this happened, she ran out of the house with a shotgun, fired it into the air and shouted, “Do you want to play?” They didn’t come back after that. :smiley:

Inkleberry , what part of Worcester did you live i? Your OP sounds very much like my old neighborhood.

I lived on the corner of Hollywood & May, between Main and Park. Yee-haw! Kinda near Clark University.

Eww, Main South area - not a nice place. My worst neighborhood was Perkins Street, off Lincoln. But, Lincoln Village was pretty bad too - being so close to GBV and all.

But you’re right. The Main South area isn’t nearly as bad as where you are now. I don’t know how long ago you left but even now it’s not THAT bad.

I lived there in 1996. It was double plus ungood.

Just to hijack this thread a bit more, I was there then too. I didn’t leave until '00. I wonder if we ever met? It’s a big city but not THAT big.

Well, it’s not all bad. Just mostly bad. The hill areas can be nice. It’s interesting how the university changed its name to Cal State East Bay, though.

Hayward used to be a nice little bedroom community. It’s very sad to see what’s happened to it lately.

Bay area real estate has gotten so expensive, that the little rats that used to be spread out are fleeing right and left, and unfortunately East Palo Alto’s loss is Hayward’s gain. I don’t think the trash will last long there, however.

The little crips, bloods, fucktards, and dale earnhardt methheads will hopefully be priced out and go the fuck away very soon.

Doubtful. I don’t remember where I read it (probably the chronicle) but Hayward has more rental housing per capita than anywhere else in the Bay Area including Oakland. Right now the rental market has been cooling because fo teh flight to the Central Valley.

On the me too side of things, Oakland was susposed to have a zero tolerance for fireworks. It was ignored spectacularly. A guy down the street was setting off what sounded like dynamite. Looking out my window was similar to being on the SF waterfront. Stipid fuckers were settting off fireworks until at least 2 am when I fell asleep.

I lived on Beacon Street at May for five and a half years in the early 80s.

My rent was 55 dollars a month. Worth every penny.

Father rapers? Are they sitting on the Group W bench?

Yup. Excepting Alice. :smiley:

You can get any…nevermind.

But I can’t see how it could possibly be illegal (well I can, but fat chance proving anything) to say that you thing someone else just shot one of them, or that THEY have guns.

This worked for my mother when the parents lived in St. Louis, a year or so before I came along. As the story goes, they’d had all sorts of problems in their apartment complex, so she always had a shotgun handy (out of the reach of my then-six-month-old sister, which isn’t hard to do).

Well, a couple of guys start pounding on the door one day, trying to break it. Home invasion robbery-stylee, I guess. Apparently they weren’t too bright, as she yelled at them and they just kept slamming at the door for a good long time. She called the cops, twice, and was told there was someone on the way. The third time, she said, “I’m here alone with a six month old baby. They’re about to get in here. I’m sitting in the living room with a loaded shotgun and if you don’t have someone at my door within about 90 seconds, you’re going to be hauling away two bodies.”

I’m sure this was sprinkled with plenty of profanity, knowing my mother.

I’ve heard and experienced way too many stories like this to bother relying on or trusting cops anymore. Damn near the only ones I’ve ever seen “doing their jobs” were the ones doing it corruptly or with gratuitous assholery.