You psycho bitch!

What the fuck is the matter with you? Do you not get that she does not want to hear your fucking voice, let alone talk to you? Leaving nasty messages is just making her already fragile mental state worse! Call again and you will hear me telling you to fuck off! Keep calling and we will get a restraining order against your crazy ass!


This woman wasn’t always a psycho bitch. She was a relatively nice neighbor in the next building until her poor health took one downward spiral too many and seemingly started taking her sanity along for the ride. It started with her expecting my SO to immediately drop whatever she’s doing and see to her needs. The neighbor’s health got to the point where she had to move to a nursing home, where her behavior continued to worsen.

Today is Thanksgiving and my SO wants to injure herself. She will go into a managed care facility Monday and stay there for two weeks.

Lute, my thoughts are wtih you and your SO. I really don’t know what to say, except I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for what you and your SO are going through, Lute. I hope your SO gets the help she needs in the facility.

An aside - you might want to consider asking to have this moved to MPSIMS.

I’m sorry about this, but I’m not sure I’m quite getting it. Your SO is at home, and your neighbor has moved into a facility? And the neighbor is calling your home?

Or are they both in a facility?

ETA: Or is she a neighbor who moved into a facility where your SO works?

This, although the former neighbor has been calling her cell so I haven’t had a chance to get my say in. SO did call the former neighbor’s cell last night and left a much nicer message than I would have. One hopes this will be the end of it.

Far as I know, SO is still going to the psych facility Monday to get herself back together. The place is sort of a halfway house for psych patients, an alternative to being hospitalized, and not at all the same as where the former neighbor is.

Couldn’t she just not answer the phone?

If this person’s in a nursing home, how does she still have access to a phone to harass your SO?

SO always lets it go to voicemail. I’m trying to get her to delete the messages without listening.

Just seeing that number on the caller ID is enough to remind her of what this bitch has been doing. SO is like that, I touch her wrong and she’s flooded with memories of child abuse.

She has at least one, possibly two, cell phones and the facility has a landline in her shared room.

If the neighbor is making harassing calls, usually a nursing home will do something about that. That may be an avenue for you to pursue. I’ve known places that don’t allow cell phones and don’t let you dial out without someone present–and this was for perfectly sane people.

Is your SO beholden to this woman for some reason? Is there some reasonable expectation that your SO will help her out?

Personally, I’m waiting for her to die. She has COPD and is basically confined to the facility yet still manages to get smokes from somewhere.

Lute, if your wife is wanting to injure herself over phone messages she can just delete without even listening to, then perhaps a managed facility would be a good idea.

Sounds like she needs some help anyway buddy.

The poor excuse for a person seems to think there is. She’s meddling, manipulative, vindicitive, and lies to - and on - my SO. My SO is a good person who had been a nurse’s aide at one time, information which she should have kept to herself.

Come to think of it, there was a time that I had suggested that one of my sisters, who is a registered nurse, move into her spare bedroom as her live-in care. Given what she became, it’s a good thing that this never came to pass, but I wonder what would have happened with both in the same home. One unstoppable force and one immovable object.

This. If a nursing-home-confined neighbor has the ability to drive your SO to the point of admission to a treatment facility, then it sounds like there’s a lot more going on that needs to be addressed than just a restraining order against someone who (not to defend her actions at all) likely doesn’t realize or have control over how far around the bend they’ve gone.

Agreed too. It sounds like your SO’s needs need to be addressed first.

To be fair, the source is not just the poor excuse for a person; there are other factors as well. Seeing “dead people” and zombie animals, for one.

As I said, she still plans to enter the psych facility on Monday, AFAIK. She needs to see her day program worker for admission and her day program is closed for the weekend.

Is it possible for you to get your hands on your SO’s phone? I wonder if just blocking the possible numbers the calls are coming from would be the way to go for now. If there’s a menu you can pull up in the call log, there might be a selection called “add to reject list.” Rather than still seeing the numbers come up on caller ID and still receiving voice mails, the calls would simply not come through to the phone at all. It might help get you two through the weekend, anyway.

This. If she is abusing her access to her cell phones and landlines, the nursing home can and will do something about it. I’d suggest contacting whoever the head nurse/charge nurse is for the unit the neighbor lives on, and if that doesn’t work, contacting the director of nursing for the facility. They can’t exactly take her phone access completely away, but they can turn off the landline in the room and keep her cell phones locked up to be given to her to use only with supervision…there’s a huge risk of them being stolen/lost if she’s allowed to keep them in her room anyhow.

If that doesn’t work, each time you receive a harassing call from ‘neighbor’, immediately call the nursing home supervisor on duty and politely tell them. That gives them some idea of the scope of the problem and also lets them know you’re paying attention and willing to keep complaining. They will do the work to put a stop to it if it becomes a problem not just for you, but for them. (Nursing home patients can be sneaky. I’ve seen old ladies steal other people’s phones or sneak into the nurse’s station to use the phone.)

I’m reserving the right to call her a bitch until I know if she’s hot and not wearing a wedding ring.