You should add a Google+ link to the bottom of threads

Down where the Facebook and Twitter, etc., links are, you should add a Google+ “+1” link. It’s easy to do. I put one on my own website just for the hell of it. It’s available through Add This.

Good idea!


Well that, was certainly easy enough! :smiley:

The code to add is < a class=“addthis_button_google_plusone”>< /a> (without the spaces obviously)
And it could fit right under the current Google button that adds a bookmark. It would coordinate!

It takes a little more than that. You also have to add a <link> tag somewhere in the header, that will pick up the CSS page the class= part above is referencing.

Anyways, I see no reason not to, as you already have the Facebook one there, I just discovered. (I the whole share bar unsightly, so I block it.)

They already have the AddThis code installed, so they just need to add that line to it, I’m pretty sure. That’s all I did for my site and it shows up fine. It doesn’t work in IE yet, but it works in Firefox and Chrome and I think in Safari but I’m not 100% sure on that one.

I’m sure I’m being stupid, but I just went to your site and I can’t find any Google+ links anywhere. A little help? I’d love to see what it looks like in action.

To the right of the title banner thing on the main page there are a bunch of share links. The little window with a “+1” is Google+.

When you consider Google+ is insisting its members use their real identities or get booted off (with a select level of hypocrisy as well), why offer the link?

Just sayin’.

Make sure you’re not using IE. It’s in the upper right corner next to the nav buttons.

FWIW, it’s not there for me in Firefox either. There IS a small link that says “Share,” that, when clicked, gives a ridonkulous number of sharing links in a separate window. Frankly, I was too overwhelmed to look for the Google+ link.

ETA : 328. Three hundred and twenty-eight share links. Granted, I see now that they are alphabetically arranged, but christ on a crutch, that’s a lotta links.

ETA again : And Google+ is not one of them, unless it’s out of alphabetical order, but I’ll never wade through to find out.


That’s odd, it works for me. Here is what I see:


The small “Share” link, but not those buttons, was there earlier this morn, but is not there at all now:


If it involves Noscript, oh, well.

ETA : Temporarily allowed “” and the buttons appeared.


Ah! Good to know that some people won’t see them. I’m not sure how much they get used anyway, but they’re good to have for when people do want to share.