You wake up as Donald Trump on January 21, 2017

Since I wouldn’t know how long the switch would last, I’d try to transfer as much of his wealth into my own accounts as fast as I could. And then indulge in high dollar call girls until the novelty wore off.

The switch lasts as long as you’re president. And how long you remain president depends on whether you want to stay, and whether you can win reelection.

Does this switcheroo come with a handy handbook explaining all of this?

(As well as things that Trump should know, which I wouldn’t)

On Tuesday.

Honestly, I would be freaking out. I do not have the decisive confidence that would be necessary to be president, and have no idea where to start. Trump at least had a passing knowledge of who his advisors actually were and what they did, (even if they were largely incompetent and he ignored what they said). I would be at a total loss, not even knowing which button launched the nuclear missiles vs which one ordered a diet coke.

Its probably a bit of a dodge as far as what the OP is asking but I think would try to schedule a clandestine top secret closed door meeting with Obama and Nancy Pelosi as soon as possible, where I would lay the whole thing out in front of them and do whatever they recommended. Then look forward to four years of uninterrupted sheer panic.