You will no longer have duffer to kick around anymore!

No, I’m not leaving, just won’t be around as much.

Thanks to the rebounding economy I nailed a manufacturing job with a multi-national corp! I have something to do with my time! Great pay, full bennies and a backlog order that makes the plant have to import parts from Europe. You’ll probably see less of me come next week. (Send all gift baskets to my boss in my name, he’ll get them, trust me) :wink:

Oh, I’ll still drop by to keep you all honest, but for now I’m gonna celebrate.

(Note the time, I just checked the e-mail that told me I landed the job. Now I can sleep in without having to interview at another place tomorrow!) :smiley:

Allow me to be the first to say hooray! That’s great news!

Oh, and good show on getting the job too.


The snarkiness of your first line is ineffectual on me, mere mortal! I’m in a happy place you cannot touch!
(Thanks jack) :slight_smile:

Because lord knows you would not want to touch duffer’s happy place.

Congrats on the gig. Send any leftover “get a job” vibes my direction.

This may make you feel even better. I saw the urologist today, and he gave the ole “check” on the man’s gland. I swear, I don’t don’t know how you do it. But I’ll send whatever vibes I can to you for employment. Good luck. :slight_smile: