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Are there any other Black Book aficionadoes out there?

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I think the writing is just brilliant.

YES!! Love it love it love it! It’s funny, and the DVDs are full of fantastic extras, including a scene done entirely in hand puppets.

Another fan here. All the episodes are great but I especially love the one where they house-sit for a friend and drank all his vintage wine collection.

Yep, another fan here… absolutely loved it. The characters were excellent, and the writing very amusing indeed.

That one is nothing short of brilliant.

“It’s like looking into the eye of a duck.”
“And sucking all the fluid from its beak.”

“Old wine is good wine.”
“Yes, but expensive wine is good wine also.”
“But the older the wine, the gooder the wine.”
“Ah, but by the same token, the more expensive the wine, the gooder it is also.”

The guy from the cleaning firm (“Dirty!”), the eating of scrambled eggs with a comb from a shoe, and the lovely “create a new strain of superwine in 30 minutes with a pittance of nature’s resources and a FOOL for an assistant” sequence. Definitely my favourite episode.

I love this show. Especially Manny.

Are the DVDs out for the US?

As much as I appreciate being immortalized in a sig line, I should mention that I was cribbing an old Father Sarducci routine from <i>Saturday Night Live</i>.

When oh when oh when will the DVDs be available in the States? I was hoping since the first series was played on BBCA a few months ago that they’d be issued over here, much as happened with The Office, but no luck as of yet. I only saw the first series but I loved it. The one where Manny runs away is my favorite episode. It’s an excellent combination of surreal humor and clever writing. I wish I had kept my tapes from when I recorded it off BBCA!