You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll kiss $3 goodbye....

I would have loved to see this trailer made into an actual film…
part 2 of the trailer

I remember watching this back in high school, it’s just as funny now, especially due to the bad dubbing and “sophisticated special effects”

I prefer Artie Deco’s sounds to R2D2’s anyway, and Chewchilla the Wookie Monster deserves his own series… :wink:

I knew exactly what you were referring to from the topic title. One of the great parodies of all time. And, remember, it’s “Filmed on location in space.”

I saw Hardware wars when it first came out (within months of Star Wars’ debut) and thought it was hilarious. I showed it to friends (on a 16 mm sound projector – this was pre-VHS).
One of the funniest things I’ve seen is Hardware Wars – The Special Edition, that came out after Lucas bumped the F/X of his trilogy up a notch in the late 90s. The very IDEA of HW-TSE cracks me up.

Sadly, it was done without the blessing and approval of Ernie Fosselius. Why he didn’t, I have no idea.

Wacko Trivia – Ernie Fosselius, who came up with and directed Hardware Watrs (and appears in it) worked in several capacities on Return of the Jedi and on Spaceballs, the bigger-bidgeted and better-know SW parody:

Oh geez I loved that. I remember the tvideo tape we had also had the classic “Bambi vs. Godzilla” and “porklips Now”, a ilarious sendup of Apocolypse Now.

My family did something similar. We set up our projector and had all the neighborhood kids over for movie night. The library would loan 16mm films and one of the ones they had was Hardware Wars. We would make a bunch of popcorn and hang a sheet on the garage door as a screen. A couple dozen kids munching popcorn in the driveway and watching Hardware Wars in the mid 80’s, that was a good time.


George Lucas once stated on a British talk show The Big Breakfast Show that this was his favorite Star Wars parody of all time.

If only someone could tell him how to get one.

I remember seeing this on HBO, back when they used to use short films like this as filler between the movies in the evening. Always a thrill to see Hardware Wars.

Okay, not to hijack this thread too much, but does ANYONE remember a animated short about a bunch of funky superhero-type characters that fight to the death, and at the end of the cartoon three characters are left standing and a large white light comes over the horizon and blows everything to smithereeens?

Everytime Hardware Wars and this kind of late 70s and early 80s animation comes up, i try to get the answer to this.