Young Louis CK, hot or not

What do people think?

wow, he’s really let himself go.

I read the third choice as:


So Otter.

Um, strange poll. There was no poll option for “older”. It’s impossible for me to see Louie CK in “hot or not” terms. What do you think, OP? Got a little crush? :smiley:

Hot. How on earth did the slacker allow himself to age, in 25 years?

Not unattractive, but not ‘hot’.

Yep. I can’t decide if he looks like a young Mormon or a young marine in that clip, but not hot either way.

Damn! What happened? I guess he had 25 years of real livin’.

I vote otter too. I’m not attracted to males so that might throw my perception off. I think he looks like a normal guy now. In the clips he looks like a younger normal looking guy. Not ugly but not hot.

I voted that I find him attractive. Might be biased because…it’s Louis CK and I worship at his altar! :slight_smile: I’m definitely attracted to him now, though. (Again, that could be coloring my perception.)

ETA: Dammit, I do love me a good otter, though…

Since we’re only given two levels of a scale, I rated him “hot.” But really I’d call him attractive rather than “hot.” His face is quite pleasant, he’s in good shape, and there’s a lot of energy to movement and facial expressions. All of which make him attractive to me.

Those are just looks/physical issues, however. Now, if Young Louis CK had had the same intelligence, sense of humor and empathetic persona as he has now (which he didn’t, acc. to him), then he gets the upgrade to hot.

Current Louis CK isn’t hot but I’m still very attracted to him, primarily because I think his public persona is someone who’s funny as hell, intelligent, compassionate, down-to-earth, has a perspective on life I agree with, and generous toward others. He’s not my physical type but he looks fine enough, and when combined with everything else, that’s more than enough to make me… well, a fangirl.

I don’t know if what he projects is the real, private Louis CK; I doubt it. But the guy I see in interviews makes a good catch.

Reminds me of Woody Harrellson.

He’s hotter now because he wasn’t funny then.

I’ve posted about young Louie before. I don’t believe that he can actually be the same person. The voice, the appearance, the comedy, the personality … nothing is the same to me.

I agree with all of this. He’s not my type at all, but I too am a fangirl.


Where is this coming from? He looks like the same guy now, only in his late 40s. He’s put on some weight, but so do most men between age 25 and age 50. The only radical difference I can see is his receding hairline, which (I thank god) can’t be caused by hard living.

One would think he looked like the dude who drank from the wrong grail in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, to hear y’all talk about him!

Not to me. He looks completely different, and sounds different. I would not have recognized him if not for the OP and the video announcing him.

Not true. Bob Odenkirk, for example, has aged pretty well in the last 20 years and looks about the same now vs the 90s. Louie CK did not. Young Louie looks nothing like current Louie other than his voice.

I’ve got a man crush on current Louie, not young Louie. Reading the youtube comments several people commented on Louie being attractive when he was younger and I wanted to hear people’s input.