Your can't miss TV

Turn on all of lights at my home and gather round the pets for protection. Tonight is Mystery on PBS and they are showing “Touching Evil”. I love that show. I enjoy watching it “live” vs on VCR, but the VCR is running just in case I get disturbed which savouring every moment. Tonight we start a new mass murderer ::shudder:: I can hardly wait.
What is your can’t miss TV? Remember boys and girls, only one answer per customer. :wink:

The Drew Carey show. I turn off the ringer on the phone, send my wife to her craftroom, grab a beer and get ready for some laughter.

The Simpsons.

I make it a point to watch all 16 episodes each week.

One? One?? Bwahahahahahahah!!!

The West Wing
Law and Order
The Simpsons
That 70’s Show mmmmmmmmmmm Lara Preppon
Sports Night…on Comedy Central. I never saw it on it’s original run, but I’m hooked on the reruns.

[sub]Maybe I watch too much TV[/sub]

Junkyard Wars

Except they just cut it down to one hour a week and not two…I cannot be weaned off it that quickly…

Buffy and Angel – they just keep getting better and better.

(They’re a package deal, so I’m counting them as one.)


I don’t have any “Can’t Miss” TV - IMO, all TV can be missed if there’s something better to do - but Mr. Athena and I have a Sunday night ritual where we either make dinner or order in, and watch Futurama, the Simpsons, Malcom in the Middle, King of the Hill, and X-Files, all in a row. We just recently realized that FoodTV has Iron Chef on at 5:00 on Sundays, so that’s gotten added to the lineup.

We also usually watch Iron Chef on Fridays, if we’re around.

My list comes off as rather, ummm, eclectic . . .

• NBC Evening News. I’m a bit of a news junkie.

• The Powerpuff Girls.

• Antiques Roadshow. What’s with the new host’s weird hair?!

• Popular. Leslie Grossman (Mary Cherry) is THE most brilliant comic actress around.

• The Simpsons.

Unsolved Mysteries. I will even sit through the commercials for dire “made-for-Lifetime-Television” movies to see it. Of course, ever since I read that James Ellroy features in a segment, I have been condemned to watch every episode, hoping the segment will be included.

My husband and I have several of “can’t miss” tv shows, but I didn’t realise how much time they were taking up until he went to work in Africa for six weeks, and I promised to record all the shows he’s missing! The following shows are including in my taping regime:

Ally McBeal
So Graham Norton

I have post-it notes all over the tv so I don’t forget which shows come on when … and I just missed the start of Frasier. Doh!!!

Every NFL game (seasonal)
The Sopranos (again, seasonal)
West Wing

During the week I’m in bed early, and have to tape stuff that’s on after 9:00, so I get picky about what I’m willing to tape and devote time to watching later on. Had to give up ER because I just didn’t have time to watch the taped episodes.

That said, I like Boston Public (8:00 p.m.), usually catch Friends (8:00), am starting to enjoy Ed (8:00), and :::gulp::: Survivor.


On Friday nights, AMC has this show about how they do some special effect in a movie. That’s not the show I watch. After that half-hour, they usually show some cheesy old sci-fi or monster flick. Usually a bad one (I like those the best), but every so often they’ll show a real gem with special effects by Ray Harryhausen. :smiley:

West Wing
Ebert & whatshisname & the movies
Futurama is pretty darn close to “can’t miss”…

The ultimate appointment TV for me was, of course, MST3K…(sob)…fortunately, I’ve got 50 or so episodes on tape, so I can pop one in, light up a stogie & laugh my ass off. Sheer bliss.

The West Wing


The Practice


Will & Grace

Gideon’s Crossing

Televised Duke Basketball

  • Almost the entire Fox Sunday line-up (Futurama, King of the Hill (which I don’t feel too bad about missing) The Simpsons, Malcolm in the Middle)

  • Scientific American Frontiers (anyone else see this show? It’s on PBS, and it’s got Alan Alda in it. It seems to be on about every other week or so…)

  • Junkyard Wars (A bit like Survivor, only cool)

  • The Comedy Central Wednesday lineup from 10:00 to 11:30 (South Park, TV Funhouse, Daily Show)

I rarely watch tv, being a complete internet junkie, but when I DO watch it I absolutely love “Will and Grace”. I had to be talked into watching it the first time; after that I was hooked. I couldn’t care less about the two stars. I watch it just to see Karen and Jack…without them there IS no Will or Grace.

Only one? Sorry, can’t do it. But I will categorize my favorites:

Drama: Dawson’s Creek.

[romantic delusion]
Katie Holmes
[/romantic delusion]

Comedy: Friends

Sports: NBA on NBC

Game Shows: Jeopardy

And, oh yeah, a honorable mention for Roswell.

West Wing and (ahem) Survivor.

I know, I know.

The big ‘can’t miss’ is West Wing, but I’m also hooked on a show called Designing for the Sexes on the Home and Garden network. An interior designer helps out a couple who can’t agree on how to re-decorate some area of the house (Wow, that really does sound exciting, doesn’t it? I may be getting old). This is especially weird TV for me, considering

  1. I don’t have a house, and
  2. I don’t have a husband.

I wouldn’t mind remedying either of those two situations, but I doubt that watching TV will get me there. I will however, know that men prefer the living and dining rooms to be connected, where women prefer the dining room near the kitchen.

In the old days I would have made a sarky comment about this but not today, not at two in the morning.

Though I can’t understand how that 24-hour cam of my old sports equipment ever made a “must-see-TV” list…