Your car nemesis

Is there a particular model(s) of automobile that you avoid on the road, because the drivers of said vehicles always do something that pisses you off?

For me, it’s Honda CR-Vs and Mazda MPVs. Every time I get stuck behind that one asshole driving 20 miles under the speed limit in the passing lane and refusing to move aside, it’s almost always one of those two cars.

Confirmation bias? Of course it is. But I have to focus my irrational road rage somewhere!

What is your car nemesis?

In the Boston area, I’ve never met a Ford F-series that wasn’t driven terribly.

Most cars with Maryland plates. I know that somebody will be going too fast and not paying as much attention as they really should.

Priuses and any car with Oregon plates. The former are all assholes and the latter can’t drive.

That’s funny, I feel the same way about Virginia plates. But probably only because I’m going too fast and not paying as much attention as I really should. :wink:

Beemers here. They always either weave in traffic, or tailgate you in the left hand lane with their (souped up brightness “low beam”) lights flashing, whether or not you are also behind someone.

Buicks, particularly sedans. They always seem to be the car of choice for the blue hairs who should have given up their keys during the Carter administration.

Was Prius drivers which I thought all the power savings feedback made them drive out of step with traffic flow. But time seemed to correct it.

Also high profile vehicals with tinted rear windows. Tend to pull out infront regardless of others and also block the view of the road. I figure that personality typed migrate to this type of vehicle.

Also NYC libberty drivers seem to get in the left lane on parkways and drive at speeds more appropiate to the right. Usually easy to pass them using the center. But curious as to why they do this. My assumption is it is satistically safer for them and they can drive at a more constant speed.

This encompasses a broad and general range of vehicles, but I have never regretted maximizing the distance between the vehicle I’m driving and a minivan.

I’m absolutely certain this is due to confirmation bias on my part, but it seems like the majority of vehicles that are driving dangerously slow in traffic, making last-second turns, and weaving in and out of traffic lanes are your Caravans, your Town & Countries, your Windstars.

Corvettes and almost any car with Jersey tags.

Those pickups modded to have huge wheels. I don’t want to be anywhere near those assholes when they decide to roll over.

For me, Virginia tags mean the driver is going to be going slow, meandering between lanes and will freak out at the first traffic circle. Maryland tags mean they’re going to speed, while talking on the phone and throwing litter out the window.

Luxury car owners seem to be largely arrogant assholes, particularly BMW and Lexus. I usually slow down to 20 mph in town when one decides that I’m not getting along quite to his liking.

The Toyota prius family of transportation appliances…

Setting aside the sanctimonious “holier than thou” attitudes of the more extremist prius drivers, the car itself is flawed as well

It’s boring
It has slug like acceleration
It’s boring
The handling is dismal and vague
It’s boring
It’s ugly
It’s boring
Snow handling is pathetic, especially when the traction control kicks in
It’s boring
It’s an automatic, I loathe automatics
It’s boring
Oh, and it’s boring too, I don’t think I mentioned that

One good thing I will say about it is it’s getting more people to realize how useful the hatchback design is

Everything else the prius does can be handled better with a VW Golf TDi…

TheKid has issues with Dodge Durangos. Her first auto accident - her dad was hit by a Durango while she was in the car. Her second accident? She was in a Durango and someone else slammed into them. Her third accident? Again, a passenger in a car hit by a Durango.

I can see her angst.

Me? I only dislike crotch rocket type motorcycles, as they cause me to be hyperaware of them. I’ve seen over a dozen accidents with crotch rockets involved.

BMW and Audi drivers. They are usually the one cutting and out of traffic and when I catch up to them at the damn light right next too them they are often times screaming to themselves or the car in front of them.

That’s Mister Asshole to you, bucko! :mad:


For me, Pontiac Grand Ams. I was rear-ended by one once, and I’ve noticed others being driven poorly. I don’t know why anyone would want a Grand Am anyway, so I consider the people who buy them as suspect.

Police cars; they’re constantly up my ass with the fucking flashing lights and the sirens.

Yup, it’s the Beemers (and other obnoxiously status vehicles as well) for me, too. If we see someone just generally being an entitled asshole behind the wheel, it’s one of those cars.

ETA: I call them People Not Afraid To Be Stereotypes.

Those vehicles are being driven by drivers under the influence of a toddler.

…speeding, weaving through traffic, running stoplights…

Yep. And I’ll add Handicrap plates, too.

I drive BMW’s, and you guys have me nailed!