Your epidermis is showing.

You say: Guess what?
They say: What?
You say: Chicken butt!

Gets them every time, it does.

This one needs the right opportunity:

Her: Hey!
You: Straw!


Her: Hey!
You: Hay is for horses . . .

Parrot back everything she says.

Or, if she does it to you, say things like, “I’m going to buy Sidd lunch every day this week.” Or old standbys like, “I’m a doofus.”

Grab her hand and start whacking her in the head with it: “Why are you hitting yourself? Stop hitting yourself!” etc.

Wave your hand just in front of her face, as close as possible: “Not touching, can’t get mad! Not touching, can’t get mad!”

Just don’t ever accuse her of “matriculating”. Especially if she hasn’t been to college :slight_smile: