Your fave "first breakfast" recipe...

so, the hottie you invited over for the night just woke up, and you want to impress them with a great (First/romantic) breakfast…

what do you make?

ME, Crepes with canned preserves, GOOD (Freshly Ground Sumantran) coffee with a shot of Bailey’s, side dish of some meat, or grilled green peppers, if vegitarian, heart shaped Crepe Lac’e with melted chocolate, or a brulee rapide

Oddly enough, I am married, so I only do this 2-3 times a month when spouse and I have a day off…

But, for all you singles out there… how do you add to the delight of last night with a morning bite?


Scrambled eggs with chorizo and cheese, a side of salsa, and tortillas. Add orange juice and coffee. Ta da!

Omlette with cheddar, Jarlsberg, and romano, plus any veggies I can cook up. Bruegger’s everything bagel with veggie cream cheese and orange juice. Earl Gray tea.

Skip the food, and just have an encore of the night before

(Ok, someone had to say it :wink: )

An everything bagel with cream cheese and good quality lox. Plus salami and eggs and good dark cherries. Topped off with chilled pomegranate juice.


Almost no one knows what they are, but no one doesn’t love them! So they’re good for conversation, laughs and excitement. Plus, as my grandmother once told me, “The best way to eat Æbleskivers is naked with someone you love!” I was taught to slice each one half way open, like a Pancake Pac-Man, and fill it with applesauce/syrup/cinnamon/powdered sugar/honey/jam/pudding…Once all that deliciousness starts dripping down your arm to your elbow, it’s not difficult to see that penis ensues.


There’s something about a pastry knife that speaks volumes.

Married 31 years, but steak and eggs with orange juice and a shot glass portion of Bloody Mary mix, on a tray served in bed with a single red rose never fails to please.

(Edited…so sorry, I just now saw you said singles. My apologies.)

Well when I was single … I would make a country breakfast which guys in this part of the world usually like: Eggs (to their preference); biscuits and sausage gravy; grits or home fries; sausage, bacon or ham; slice of hoop cheese; coffee, milk and/or OJ. For those who didn’t care for gravy-n-biscuits I had syrup to go with the biscuits.

Some adventurous souls would enjoy an omelette, but a lot of the country boys didn’t even know what one was.

Looking back, it appears I was trying to kill them with cholesterol !!! :stuck_out_tongue: We didn’t know any better, I guess.

Bah. Logically, one *should *take dating advice from married people, don’t you think? We’re the ones who got it right! :smiley:

Pancakes. With those little tiny chocolate chips in them. Or baked oatmean with half and half.

I avoid cooking eggs or bacon as the First Breakfast… because who wants to smell like either of those things? Yarg.

Scrambled egg is not a particularly inspiring smell.

Hollandaise, on the other hand, is God’s Own Heavenly Semen.

So: Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon and champagne hollandaise, on rustic bread.

(It’s no coincidence that a Benedict variation was one of my early tests in the Bacon Salt thread.)

Biscuits & gravy, with homemade hashbrowns, or Dutch Babies. I’m married now, so those are my Sunday morning staples.

Flesh for breakfast!

What’s a Dutch Baby? Is that like a Baby Hot Brown? :slight_smile:

Coffee. Made by some-one else.

French toast, but mix into the egg a good helping of cinnamon and some vanilla extract before dipping the bread.