Your favorite and least favorite conferences

Outside of the conference your alma mater plays in or is based in your area, which college conferences do you like or dislike? And why? Outside of the Pac-10 or West Coast Conference, the conference I like the most is the Big 10. ABC used to play Big 10 football games before the Pac-10 games so I got interested almost by default. The conference I like least is the SEC because of (1) the arrogance of its fans about the SEC’s superiority and (2) they seem to have ethical standards slightly above “can he breathe?” What’s your opinion?

I live in Big 12 territory and graduated from an ACC school (Ga Tech)

I dislike the SEC, but I respect what they do in Football. They are superior (5 Nat’l Champions in a row by four different schools is hard to argue against).

I like ACC in Basketball.

I really have a distaste for the Big 10 for the overall arrogance (and taking great joys over the events in Columbus).

I’m in the SE so outside of the ACC & SEC I’ve always liked the PAC. I go back aways but that’s always been one that’s pretty competitive. Football, baseball, basketball. Probably my least favorite is Mountain West or whatever it is. Utah, Idaho, etc. No connection so it’s just meh to me.

I dislike the PAC-10, because they are a powder puff league and their fans are too arrogant to acknowledge the obvious superiority of the SEC.:wink:

I dislike the ACC and Big 10 the most. ACC because it has FSU (Florida’s rival), and the Big 10 because I’ve lived in the Midwest most of my life and have to hear about it all the time. For a conference with such high academic standards, you’d think they could at least count the number of teams they have.

I guess my home conference is the ACC. I went to Florida State, although they were still independent then.

My favorite conference is the Pac 10, followed by most of the western schools.

SEC fan (Auburn, Tennessee, Vanderbilt). Only other conference I pay much attention to (i.e., like) is the Sun Belt because other nearby schools’ teams are in it. It’s hard to pick a biggest dislike from all the rest, but I guess it must be the Big used-to-be 10, followed by the Pac used-to-be 10. I mostly tolerate the others, since they seem to have reasonable rivals to SEC dominance.

Hey, it’s not arrogance when you own football! And I can’t work up any concern for the other sports.

Touche! :smiley:

Pac-10 fan here. I think most fans can conjure reasons to hate the other conferences. I dislike the Big East in basketball and SEC in football because of their superiority complexes. Hard to like the ACC because of Duke, although I like some of the other schools in the conference.

The Big Ten is probably the conference that aligns most with the Pac-10 in terms of academic standards, plus there’s the Rose Bowl history. I wish a team other than Ohio State or Michigan would win from time to time, and the style of both basketball and football are kind of boring, but if forced to choose another major conference it would probably be that one.

For football, I hate all of them.

Go Irish.

I’m a Miami fan in Big10 country. I love the Pac10 (and like pretty much any team from the Rockies to the Pacific), and don’t care for the Big East when it comes to football, and the SEC when it comes to basketball. For both the BE and SEC, it’s pretty much because I think SEC basketball is pointless (you’re football schools, so stick to that), and vice versa for the BE. I’m not too interested in the ACC for football, and certainly don’t feel any conference pride when VPI or Clemson does something well. But there’s enough tradition among UM, F$U, Clemson, VPI, and GT to say that it’s just a basketball conference.

The Big 10, of course, are the leaders and best. All (save Nebraska) are members of the AAU. All have a rich academic and athletic tradition. Now we’d do better in bowl games if we got to play them in our back yard the way that the SEC does.

The Pac 10 is my second favorite, due to the traditional Rose Bowl rivalry with the Big 10. It really is too bad this bowl got sullied with the likes of Texas and Boise State in recent years.

The SEC is my least favorite, of course. It’s not too hard to get into the title game every year when you have the pollsters in your back pocket. Not to mention officials who go out of their way to make sure the right team wins the tight conference games (was it Miss or Miss State that got royally shafted a couple years ago against Bama to keep the Tide in the title game?)

Neither. Ole Miss played a good game, but got overwhelmed at the end. Mississippi State never stood a chance. We shut them out.

Also, on today, of all days, a Big 10 fan whining about school corruption is hilarious.

Naw, I seem to recall Miss had Bama on the ropes and the refs started penalizing them for being on the same field as Alabama.

Jim Tressel and Ohio State are an aberration. One of our brethren has fallen but they will be taken care of. I think in comparing the OSU and USC handling of their scandals, OSU comes out on top. They may have been reluctant to pull the trigger, but pull it they ultimately did.

Good christ I hate the SEC. Don’t even get me started.

I do have to admit that I don’t really follow college football all that closely (but enough to hate the SEC, apparently), but I graduated from the University of Wisconsin, so the Big 10 would be my favorite conference.

Except that Mark Ingram racked up 172 yards, and Bama picked Jevan Snead off four times. Couldn’t have had anything to do with that, huh?

As for penalties, Bama had 4 for 30 yards. Ole Miss had 4 for 31 yards. Oooooooh, look at the bias!

The fact is that Ole Miss played very tough defense, and garbage offense. Bama played exactly the same. The reason Bama won that game is that they had a good kicker. Leigh Tiffin scored 5 times on field goals.

It had nothing to do with the officials.

The New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC) is the one I dislike.

They are made up with schools who put academics over sports, which is generally a good thing. But they aim to be the anti-conference: they have no scheduled games or championships and don’t let their schools compete in tournaments if there’s a chance it will conflict with exams (in other words, if you are invited to the NCAA tournament, and the finals conflict with exams, then you can’t go, even if your school has no realistic chance of making the finals).

The schools involved get nothing out of membership; my alma mater, Union, got tired of having to skip the Division III football tournament and dropped out.

I’m normally a Big Ten fan, but i like the PAC-10 as well. like others, I hate the SEC

Perhaps the most unintentionally revealing statement possible. If any conference operates on the “cash and carry” principle, it’s the SEC.

Big XII fan. I’d probably say that the Pac-10 is my next favorite conference in general, though it’s a ways down below. Can’t stand the SEC.