Your Favorite Fictional Cat(s)

Why not?

Tom (of “and Jerry”)
Morris (was that one real?)
Top (as seen in )

How many must there be?

The one on the album cover of Mr. Lucky

Petronius the Arbiter from **Door Into Summer **by Heinlein.

Greebo in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels.

And, of course, Pixel from more than one of the later novels and Heinlein’s real life. But I’d take Pete any day, especially now that I live in a Connecticut farmhouse outside the NYC blast range.

Mittens from Bolt.

The mysterious (slightly magical?) cat in Coraline.

Power Girl’s cat in the rebooted comics. He has a serious attitude problem. And fortunately, no super powers.

Oppenheimer, Feynman, Heisenberg, Zazzy etc. Though they weren’t around long.

Ha! That brings up…

Schrodinger’s cat

The cat from Kiki’s Delivery Service
Artemis and Luna from Sailor Moon
Peekaboo from Rose is Rose
Bill the Cat
Puss in Boots from the Shrek movies
Ebenezer and Snooch from the webcomic Two Lumps
Chloe and Bink from the webcomic NPC
Spot from Star Trek: TNG

mehitabel (archy’s friend. For those who don’t know, they were characters created by Don Marquis. archy was a cockroach who couldn’t work the shift key on the typewriter, and typed his poems in all lower case.)

Oh, and Macavity by T.S. Eliot.

It occurs to me that Greebo, mehitabel, and Macavity all have much the same personality.

The first to come to mind are Greebo, Pixel and Havoc (Pratchett, Heinlein and Martin respectfully.) All three have been names of cats residing at Casa Silenus.

Not necessarily “favorites” as such, but some whose image is right there in my mind’s eye:

Pyewacket from Bell, Book, & Candle
We Are Siamese-Lady and The Tramp

The Cheshire Cat.

Bucky B. Katt, from the comic strip Get Fuzzy.


Krosp I, Emperor of All Cats (Girl Genius)

Orlando. Picture-book Series by Katherine Hale.

Poor Minette by P. J. Stahl. Illustrated by the redoubtable Grandville so: Maiden Dilemma.

[ Warning: large image. ]

And* Mister* from Dresden Files.

Oh, good one.

Ah, this is the cat I came in to mention.

I love this story so much I named one of my cats Tobermory!:smiley:

I agree the professor deserved to be trampled by the elephant.

Jennie from the book by the same name by Paul Gallico
and Carbonel from the books by Barbara Sleigh

Eatbugs from Tailchaser’s Song, a book about cats by Tad Williams.

The wife’s choice is The Mogget, after which one of our cats is named, from the Sabriel trilogy written by Garth Nix.

Ack! Splut!