Your favorite SDMB threads...From 2037!

ATMB- “How do I shut off the ‘3-D’ option for the porn pop-up ads?”
CoCC/SR- “Finally, I have the truth about 'The Whole Nine Yards!!”
General Questions- “Can I marry my clone in Ohio?”
Great Debates- “Civil Rights for same-sex porpoises is the right thing to do”
Elections- “Electoral Jr. College-Success, or Failure?”
Cafe Society- “I am not a fan of corporate angst music”
The Game Room- “Should Olympic rules be relaxed to allow man-cheetah geners?”
Thread Games- “Telepathic Word story using thoughts from previous poster”
IMHO- “Poll: Which of these 23,000 shows are your 8pm go-to?”
MPSIMS- “Ask the formerly dead househusband”
Marketplace- “A book-no instructions on how it works(sorry)”
The BBQ Pit- “A 113% tip is too fucking much!”


Elections: Will the Democrats finally win the House in 2038?

I’m sure that the “most interesting car” one will still be going strong. But I won’t be around to see it.

MPSIMS: “Astronaut descends to the floor of the Valle Marineris. For 20 minutes.”

ATMB - The board format looks fuzzy in my ocular implants, and the direct-to-brain feed pronounces “either” with a long i sound. How do I fix this?
Cafe: Anybody still collect “books”?
Great Debates: Was Trump correct to sink Puerto Rico?
General Questions: How do I get my environmental suit to stop riding up the crotch?
MPISMS: The Monday Morning cat/mind exchange thread
IMHO: Best app for gender reassignment
BBQ Pit: How has President Barron Trump pissed you off today?

Anyone else remember the alternate ending to “Big”?

How Did People in the Old Days Index Their Lives to Search for Stuff?
Economics, 100 Years Since the Great Depression
I Pit X-Mart’s Genderfluid Sandals Offering – You Call This ‘Variety’??
Will the Republican and/or Democratic Parties Ever Make a Comeback?
If You Still Haven’t Read my Book… AHunter3 blog post repost #70219
Can I Legally Retrofit a Tesla 5 with Boron Corpions?
What’s the Third Word Ending in ‘Gry’?

ATMB: WHAT? Haven’t they fixed the

 tag in the Sultantheme skin yet?
ATMB: Petition to decrease search cooldown to 30 seconds
MPSIMS: Airplanes on treadmills: the definitive answer!
BBQ Pit: Stupid Green Party Idea of the Day


Elections : Sixth Trump inauguration speech

“Tiffany Trump-Putin promises an administration even better than those of her father, Don Jr and Ivanka. Predicts that Baron will win bigly in 2044 and Eric will continue as the longest tenured Chairman of the Federal Reserve.”

GQ-What’s the next mystery now that we know what 14 k of g in a f p d means?

ATMB- “Why do you keep pretending that “Ed Zotti” is a real person?”

ATMB: Can the voltage of the force feedback electric shocks which accompany SDMB warnings be turned down, please? My laptop nearly fried my genitals.

Elections: Can a free and fair election be held under occupation of the Arachnoids?

Cafe Society: The new Star Wars movie is a lot like the older ones.

The Game Room: Javelin Catch now an official Olympic Sport!

The BBQ Pit: I pit the Venusian valet who dented my Durango 95 last night.

ATMB: Why the 15 nanosecond wait between searches?

Comments: Science proves 1987 column wrong. Why no correction?

GQ: Can I deactivate the microchip in my head?

GD: The Second Amendment and phasers

Elections: Will California vote to leave U.S.?

CS: J.J. Abrams to get Lifetime Achievement Oscar

Game Room: Spring Madness! Who will make the NCAA Sweet 256?

Thread Games: Speak to me only in holograms

IMHO: Why can’t I get a date?

MPSIMS: Charter Member Dopefest - Who’s still left?

Pit: I pit the transplanetary commuters who gentrified Mars

General Questions: If my ex-wife clones our children, does she automatically get custody?

437 dead in shooting at Dallas Cowboys game.

Should we think about repealing the 2nd amendment?

Great Debates: We should not have to strip naked to get on a flight!

Game Room: Toronto Maple Leafs go 80 years without winning a Stanley Cup

Cafe Society: Review of Trumpalicious: The Musical.

MPSIMS: Grandma wrote me a letter in cursive. Can someone read it for me?

MPSIMS: Pics of new kitten!

Cafe Society: Your NKH’s DGFU when the JNUI does a WE without BFDERs in the LIU

IMHO: Who doesn’t have a smart phone?
GD: Was the Iraq War a good idea or not?
Elections: What should the Democrats do in order to start winning again?
GQ: Is gravity real?

Any forum: This post is Spam, click on my link
First reply: (3.2 seconds later) Running Coach: Reported!

Cafe Society: What killed Keith Richards?
BBQ: Somebody kill Trump already
MPSIMS: O.J.'s 14th trial. He was framed again.