Your favorite trashy tv shows

Which shows do you watch that have no redeeming qualities?

For me 1. Footballers Wive$. This show has some of the most immoral trashy set of characters ever. I can’t stop watching though.
2. Days of our Lives. I was glad when this started coming on in the evenings.

In real life, I’d never admit to being glad Flavor of Love will be back for another season. I feel slightly worse about this one since the trashy people on this show are real.

Married…with Children is great trash


I couldn’t turn away from “Growing up Gotti.”

Trainwrecks and all that.

“The Soup” with Joel McHale. I don’t care that it’s just gossip-y trash, I like it.

Porno Valley is fascinating, especially the bits with PT Anderson who is just a big ol’ mess of film visionary, cynic and deluded relic from another era. The petty fighting between the porn stars is hilarious. Completely unerotic, though.

“Blind Date” and “COPS.” Complete garbage, but I’m unable to look away.

Rock of Love.

A bunch of chicks with gross tans, hair, boobs, etc., vying for the attention of a washed up rocker from the 80s who also is way too tan and very badly needs a haircut.

What’s not to love, really?

Also, Cheaters.

We don’t have a TV, but I caught a couple of episodes of VHI’s ‘‘Flavor of Love’’ with Flavor Flave. There is no good reason why I would enjoy that show-- but for some reason I do. It’s just so childlike and innocent in its trashiness. I don’t know how else to put it.

SPRINGER OWNS!! I can’t stop myself—when I’m home sick, I sit back, watch that and feel so much better about myself and my place in this world.

My newest two are Rock of Love and Scott Baio is 45…and Single.

Rock of Love has been explained.

Scott Baio hires a life coach to figure out why he can’t keep a girlfriend and how to improve his life overall.

Here’s a tip stop acting like a horny 18 year old and grow-up. And get rid of your mooching friends who are obviously keeping you down so they can pick up the left over not as hot friend of the chick you are trying to score with.

We don’t have one either, but when American Idol cranks up next season, I’ll have to get something or other hooked up.

I am addicted to trashy TV -

*Girls Next Door, Porno Valley, Celebrity Paranormal Project - as well as any special on plastic surgery, The Soup - I also used to like Wild On *


America’s Next Top Model

You have a very liberal definition either of the word “real” or the word “people.” :slight_smile:

For me, it would have to be the Comedy Central roasts. Even when I don’t give a rat’s patootie about the person being roasted (paging Flavor Flav), I can’t get enough of all the trash talk. I’m gonna start DVRing them so I don’t miss any.

Reno 911. Most of Comedy Central’s original stuff is crap but I like this for some reason.

It’s not something I go out of my way to watch but if I run into it when channel surfing, or if the Tivo picks up an episode, I’ll watch.

What can I say? It makes me laugh.

No one has mentioned Two and a Half Men. The lines that aren’t about sex are about farting.

Well, yeah. Nobody watches that.

My guilty pleasure is “The People’s Court,” especially since it’s on during my lunch hour at work. Listening to the (mostly) petty problems of these people makes my life look…okay.