Your favorite website is

I think mine would have to be…

this website

Check out Strong Bad emails! Priceless…

Man, I rock at that Sid game in the latest Strong Bad email. I blew away all my friends’ top scores. :slight_smile:

Sid Hoffwenchman. I said “Sid Fwenchman.” You wose again. and are where I kill many hours…

I’m pretty partial to the online rag

Also, I love to reminesce about childhood at

And for humor, I look no further than and the aforementioned

What, no one’s said The Straight Dope yet?

They’re often (legitimately) accused of being too inside-jokey, but I love Penny Arcade.

ViceMagazine. I like the "Do"s and the "Don’t"s.

Zombo will tell us what to do.

zefrank is an inspiration. How to dance properly or any other instructional video will improve your life.

Yahoo! and all it’s features.

Putting aside the SDMB for having the home-court advantage, I’ll plug As the Apple Turns. Computer news, rumor mongering, and Mac advocacy, all topped with a lyrical free-flowing goofball humorous style that’s oddly addictive. How many other tech-news web sites will talk about corporate CEOs as secret alien space beings laying the groundwork for a future invasion of Earth? :wink:

May be passe, but you can lose yourself for hours in:

just keep clicking!