Your favourite words for *thingies*?

Dealiebopper. (Cuz it’s a little dealie thingamabopper.)


Yanno, the thing with the stuff.

Yeah, the one we got from that dude at the place that one time.

It’s things all the way down.

In English, whatchamacallit

In Spanish, chingadera, although not in mixed company :slight_smile:

In the military it’s “that f***ing thing”. And sometimes in mixed company but depends on who. :slight_smile:

In English: Thingamabob (I love that word)
In Spanish: “Coso” (Thingo, “Cosa” is “thing” a “coso” would be a male “cosa”, I think) or “Cosito” (same but the “ito” suffix indicates that is small, “little thingo”). When desperate it could be “El coso del cosito” (The thingo of the little thingo).

Another one in Spanish is “chingadera” but it’s rather vulgar. (Chingar is the equivalent of fuck, so chingadera is like little fucking thing).

Thank you for that. I had heard the word before, and had been told it was vulgar, but no one would say what the word actually meant.

Chingadera is not a word in the spanish we use here :slight_smile:

I think it’s mostly in Mexican Spanish So either you don’t live in Mexico, or you move in very polite circles.

I move in very impolite circles but about 7,388 km from old Tenochtitlan

Chingadera is not considered a very vulgar word in México. You may not hear it used by a priest or a teacher in church or school but that doesn’t mean it isn’t part of their vocabulary among friends. A better meaning is something with little importance or significance.

In my family it’s a thingy when you can’t remember what it’s called, but you know what you want. And if you won’t know what it is you’re looking for, it’s a kaboober.