Your forum topics are screwy

Just Saying…

Thank you very much. We try to keep it that way.

and I suppose you like to have so few people return? Very poor attendance,and you just lost another!

Don’t allow the door to hit you…

Could you be a titch more specific, JimH52?

Watch the door, it can leave a mark.

Wait! Wait! Come back! You haven’t reanimated a zombie thread yet!

A check for a full refund of your enrollment fee is in the mail.

Your mother wears Army boots.

A list of suggested new Forum Topics:

  1. Things that interest **JimH52 **
  2. Political arguments that **JimH52 **can win
  3. Other/misc

It takes him 86 posts before he figures out everybody else here handles the divisions quite handily?

What a (deleted expletive, because we aren’t supposed to insult people, even people like JimH52.)

We only have about 11,000 active members. Obviously very few people return.

I guess we’ll have to make do with JimH1 through JimH51.

I’ve actually been curious about some of this - how do you define active membership? Does anything ever happen to accounts which are dormant? Do you recycle usernames if the previous owner gets banned or it lies fallow for long enough?

See here. “Active members” are those who have logged on in the past 60 days. However, it does include spammers and others who never post, so the number of actual posters is less.

Accounts are not deleted, and usernames are not recycled.

Which means that there will only ever be one JimH52, now and forevermore.


Make sure you return the goat before you leave. You don’t get to keep that.


There are no screwy forum topics … only screwy people.