Your geographical extremes

I’m going on vacation to Costa Rica tomorrow, which reminded me of a thread like this from a couple years ago:

What are the northernmost, southernmost, westernmost, and easternmost places you have ever been in the world? Where are the highest and lowest points on earth you’ve ever been?

North: Vancouver, British Columbia
South: Cuzco, Peru
West: Cannon Beach, Oregon (west of Portland)
East: Beijing, China

Highest: ? (probably somewhere near Cuzco or Machu Picchu)
Lowest: Dead Sea, Israel (lowest point on land on Earth)

I’m not counting airplane rides. Otherwise I could say I was close to the North Pole when I flew to Beijing from Washington.

Heh…I had to look at a map. I have no understanding of spheres.

North = International Falls, Minnesota, USA
South = Crawfordsville, Indiana, USA
East = Niagara Falls, New York, USA
West = Astoria, Oregon, USA

Highest = Beartooth Pass, Montana/Wyoming, USA
Lowest = Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

I’m kind of a homebody, I guess–or too poor to travel far.

North: Minneapolis, Minn
South: Ciudad Vieja, Guatemala
East: Sea of Galilee area, Israel
West: Los Angeles, Calif

Lowest: Dead Sea, Israel
Highest: dunno … maybe Clingman’s Dome, Smoky Mtns

North: 89° 16’ (on the Arctic Pack Ice). Or Station Nord, Greenland (on Land) 81° 36’
South: Cayenne, French Guiana
East: Baikonur, Kazakhstan
West: Kodiak, Alaska.
Highest: White Mountain Peak, California 14,246’
Lowest: Bad Water, Death Valley Nat’l Park -281’ (?)

East/North: Edinburgh
West: Carnarvon, Western Australia
South: Dunedin, NZ

Low: Badwater
High: Mt Whitney

North: The Upper Peninsula of Michigan
West: California
East: Japan
South: Florida

North: Vancouver, British Columbia
South: Miami, Florida
East: Venice, Italy
West: Kāʻanapali, Hawaii

Lowest: somewhere in Death Valley
Highest: somewhere in the Rocky Mountains

Well, the furthest east and west isn’t particularly well defined given that one is going around the earth, but in terms of direction of travel away from home,

North - Where I live - Edmonton Alberta
South - Southern tip of the South island of New Zealand
East - My geography is lousy; whichever of Czechoslovakia, Hungary, or Yugoslavia (I went when those were the correct names) is furthest east.
West - New Zealand
Up - Probably the Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand (I say probably because I have been in the Rocky Mountains, but I’m pretty sure Franz Josef is higher than I have ever managed up here)
Down - I have no idea

North: Anchorage, Alaska, USA
South: Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia
West: Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia
East: Dresden, Germany

Highest Elevation: 2998 Metres above sea level.
Lowest Elevation: Sea Level.

Doesn’t look like much when you write it out like that, does it? Especially when you could argue that Indonesia was as far east as I’ve travelled as well as west and south…

before I can answer the farthest north question, I need to find a web-site where I can plug in the name of a place and get the latitude. anyone have any suggestions?

N: Labrador City
S: Palmer Peninsula, Antarctica
E: Mykonos, Greece
W: Guangzhou China (heading W from N. America)
Up: Rossland BC 1023 meters up
Down: Tongue of the Ocean Bermuda, coupla hundred meters down - Don’t remember the exact depth, but I stayed for more than 20 minutes.

Not counting airline flyovers, both my northernmost and easternmost points are Ireland (Giant’s Causeway and Wicklow respectively), and both my southernmost and westernmost are Maui (Makena and Ka’anapali respectively, unless you count on a boat off the coast, or Honolulu International).

West: Nanaimo, British Columbia
North: Sechelt: Birtish Columbia
East: Cape Cod, Mass, perhaps someplace in Maine
South: Cuernavaca, Mexico, (I think it is further South than the Cayman Islands)

Highest: Copper Mountain, Colorado
Lowest: New Orleans


Up: 10,000 feet at Heavenly Ski Resort
Down: A little more than 100 feet down on the back wall of Molokini Crater

North: Juneau, Alaska
South: The Bahamas
West: Honolulu, Hawaii
East: Paris, France

Highest: Probably Denver, Colo.
Lowest: Snorkeling in the Bahamas, I think

Found one. So, using the test of “which way did I travel from home?” to determine farthest east and farthest west:

Farthest North: Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada: 60° 43′ 0″ N

Farthest South: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia: 37°48′49″S

Farthest West: Ayers Rock / Uluṟu, Northern Territory, Australia: 131°01′07″E

Farthest East: Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India: 77° 58′ 48″E

Up? Down? Dunno. I’m from the Prairies. We don’t do heights.

Google Earth is a free download. Just Google it.

For me, since flying doesn’t count. I guess West would be Honolulu, East would be Taipei, South would be probably Singapore (I think it is further south than Costa Rica) and North I’m really not sure… Maine or Quebec probably… maybe somewhere in Ontario… I was little so I’m not really sure.

I was just thinking of reviving this thread.

North: Probably Quesnel, British Columbia (about 53° N), when I was very young. A close second would be Berlin, Germany (about 52° 30’ N).
South: Point Salines airport in Grenada (just a skosh north of 12° N).
East: Vienna, Austria (about 16° 20’ E).
West: Somewhere on Kauai, Hawaii (about 159° W).

Highest: Probably Tioga Pass in the Yosemite high country (9,945’ elevation).
Lowest: The visitor center in Death Valley (-190’ elevation). I’ve been through some under-sea-level tunnels, under the Hudson River and Boston Harbor, but I don’t think they go more than 190 feet below.

A bit of trivia, the highest and lowest were on consecutive days.

That can’t be right. The lowest elevation in Minneapolis is 686’, and Astoria is right on the coast.

North: Helsinki, Finland
South: Ushuaia, Argentina
West: Kauai
East: Fiji

Highest: Some pass going to Colca Canyon in Peru. I think it was around 5200m.
Lowest: Badwater, Death Valley

Thanks to Robot Arm, I realized that I need to change my answer for North to Ghent, Belgium (51°02’N), which is a bit further north than Vancouver (49°14’N).