What Are Farthest Compass Points You've Been To?

On the ground, not just an airport visit either. For me

North: Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland
South: Cancun, Mexico
East: Greenwich, England
West; West Side of Kauai Island

North: Saskatoon, SK
South: Tampa, FL
East: Jacksonville, FL
West: Los Angeles, CA or Vancouver, BC

North: Akureyri, Iceland
South: Stewart Island, New Zealand
East: East Cape, New Zealand
West: Chatham Island, New Zealand

North: Arctic Circle, on the pipeline road
South: Cabo San Lucas
East: Rhodes
West: Nome

I’ve never been outside the contiguous continental US.

North: Duluth, MN
South: Orlando, FL
East: Danbury, CT
West: San Diego, CA

I should have added the appropriate co-ordinates

North: Akureyri, Iceland 65N
South: Stewart Island, New Zealand 47S
East: East Cape, New Zealand 178E
West: Chatham Island, New Zealand 176W

North: Fairbanks, Alaska
South: Curacao, Netherlands Antilles
East: Aalten, Netherlands
West: Anchorage, Alaska

North: semi-wilderness just north of Cordova, Alaska
South: Singapore. Never been south of the equator
East: Using my hometown (Boston) as a base, I’d say Luxembourg
West: Ditto, Singapore

Actually, after checking a map, I have to change my ‘North’ answer to: Reyjavik, Iceland.

North: Anchorage, Alaska
South: Queenstown, New Zealand

I’m assuming these are defined as the furtherest from Greenwich in each direction:
East: Napier, New Zealand
West: Anchorage, Alaska

Pretty much what you see here , except for the southern part. I believe the furthest south was Houston, TX.

North: Amsterdam
South: Martinique
East: Vienna
West: Hawaii

North: Juneau, Alaska
South: Stewart Island, New Zealand
East and West: Taveuni, Fiji (on the 180th meridian)

WEST Jaisalmer (western India)
SOUTH Bali, Indonesia
NORTH Hokkaido, Japan
EAST Long Island, New York

That looks oddly like an airplane

Okay, my turn

North: Marquette, Michigan
South:St Petes, Florida
West:Las Vegas

North: Amsterdam, Netherlands
South: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
East: Prague, Czech Republic
West: San Francisco, United States

North: Anchorage, Alaska, USA (61.22N)
South: Takoradi, Ghana (4.88N)
East: St. Petersburg, Russia (30.26E)
West: Anchorage, Alaska, USA (149.90W)

North: Niagra Falls Canada
South: Key West FL (strange that the Bahamas and the parts of Mexico I’ve been to are north of this)
East: New York Harbor
West: Catalina Island CA

North: Edmonton or Moscow, they look equal to me.
South: Ushuaia
West: Somewhere in Japan.
East: Somewhere in Israel.

North: Dudinka, Siberia
South: Cotabato City, The Phillipines
East: Kabul, Afghanistan
West: Cotabato City, The Phillipines (or is that east of Washington, DC)