Your "Gross-isms".

My cat or dog’s wet (when I don’t know what it’s wet from) paw touching my skin.

Sitting on a public toilet that is still warm from the last person that sat on it.

Grabbing a cold beverage can from the convenience store freezer, going up to the cashier to pay for it, and the cashier always paws the top of the can, where I’m going to be putting my lips in a few seconds, as they swipe the barcode.

People scratching their scalp as their head is over the computer keyboard or dishwasher leaving hairs in both.

Shaking hands with strangers. I guess I’m not a politician. I always give my hands a thorough wash afterwards.

When you go to help a patron with a computer and the mouse is kinda oily and a little sticky and warm. Urgh.

Wet food. I’m cringing as I type this.

ETA: “Wet food” means stuff like the frightening crap in your sink strainer.

Sticky stuff… ewww… I hate anything sticky. It’s a wonder I managed to raise two children. lol

Vomit in any form, including the written word. I can change the messiest diaper. I can clean up after sick dogs. A two-inch puddle o’puke can take me an hour of indirect methods more akin to radioactive hazmat cleanup…

Mexican food plate. It looks like it’s one stir away from something that’s already been partially digested by someone else.

Having a loose long hair stick to your fingers in the shower

Having to pull a clump of gathered hairs and dirt off a wet mop

Having a loose long hair get into your underwear somehow, and now you have to pull it out from places.

Pulling a clump of hair out of a drain.

I don’t know how I actually live with having long hair.

If you knew more about the rest of the handling process and the critters in the warehouses, you’d realize the cashier probably made the can top cleaner than it was.

Fingernail, toenails… so what. Just another part of one’s body. But just the sight of a finger or toenail clipping - makes me gag. Anybody’s, including my own. There’s no way I would touch one without using prongs. Weird, eh?

dripping puss filled sores in the anus covered with runny fecal matter

hey, you asked

I had two patients with that just this past week. I explored one of the sores with a steel probe and demonstrated that it was indeed a fistula, communicating with the rectal ampulla directly, giving that patient a 2nd fecal excretory orifice.

Can’t say it bothers me, though. The patient is the one with the disease. My surgeon colleague will help correct it.

Sock monkeys freak me out. <<shudder>>

I’m under no illusion that it wasn’t already handled at the top throughout the production process to get it stocked in the freezer for my selection. But handling it that way within my view with my mouth only seconds away from touching it really takes the cake.

I was hoping that would draw you out. :slight_smile:

Getting to the bottom of a jar of mayonnaise and finding a condom. Bleeech!

Many years ago I had a friend who was into motocross. He was intent upon competing in a hare scramble, but ended up having to tend to other things, so another friend and I borrowed his bike and competed in his stead. My buddy completed one 50-mile loop and then surrendered the bike and all the riding gear - body armor, boots, helmet, gloves, etc. - to me.

A lot of people don’t realize how much work off-road riding is, especially on rough terrain. I sure didn’t. My buddy had worked up a major sweat during his loop, and I have to declare that donning a helmet that was saturated with cold, other-dude’s sweat was pretty damn gross.

Finding pee on the seats of public toilets.
Finding blood in public toilets.

And when you dump that into the trash, does it get all stinky between now and garbage collection day?

I keep a plastic bag in the freezer door, and empty my sink strainer into that. Also other wet food garbage, like banana peels and chicken bones. All goes into the plastic bag in the freezer until garbage day.

Unflushed public toilets. If it doesn’t all go down with the first flush, flush it again.

AGGHHH! Me, too. I really, really love having a garbage disposal.

Never mind the people handling it! Back in the stockroom and the wholesale warehouse and en route, places where the end-user never sees, there’s also all the mice, rats, and cockroaches crawling all over it.