Your Halloween Handout?

For me:

Smarties:[ul]More bounce to the ounce and lots of them to give away.[/ul]
Mini Rollos:[ul]Compact doses of chocolate and caramel, say no more![/ul]
Mini Tootsie Pops:[ul]For old time’s sake.[/ul]

What will you be handing out this Halloween?

well, nothing really, since I will be going out with my son, age 10.
But if we get back early, my preference is candy corn, ONE to each bag.
I’m kidding.:slight_smile:

Snickers seem to be the popular favorite, must be on sale.
I kindof like suckers, wrapped in plastic, as they are large enough for them to think theya re getting something.
Our church, however, is putting togehter bags of candy with tracts in them to hand out!

I’m bad. I hand out candy I don’t like, so that I’m not tempted to eat them. I’ve got black licorice, candy corn, and some kind of gummi bears. Now, if I had some Reese’s Nutrageous candy bars, I’d be in a sugar coma by now.

Well a couple of years ago I gave one kid a small tin of anchovies. I had run out of candy.

Seeing as I haven’t had any trick-or-treaters since, I don’t bother with Halloween handouts anymore.

(Heh, if I did, I’d give the kids FULL-SIZE Hershey bars and Reeses Cups and stuff, like I used to, because Halloween is no time to be a cheapskate!)

I’ve given out the same thing the last four years, and will do so again this year:

Candy canes.

It’s my little protest against Christmas stuff being in the stores so freaking early. I figure if I can buy candy canes in the store before Halloween – and I can – then gosh darn it, I can give them away for Halloween.

The kids love 'em too. A nice change of pace. I’ve gotten a large number of positive comments … and best of all, I was the subject of “word on the street” once. I handed out a candy cane and heard as I shut the door “Wow, that girl was right – he DOES have candy canes! Cool!” :smiley:

I am sad that we will not be able to hand out candy. We live 7 miles from town now.

However, I am saving $15 on not buying candy. And we do not have to worry about having left over candy around.

Buncha cheapskates, y’all.

I will be giving out the Fun Size 3 Musketeers, Nestle’s Crunch bars, Snickers, Milky Ways, and mini Reese’s cups - one of each in a little plastic bag with ghosties on it, a pencil decorated with jack-o-lanterns, and some cutie-cute-cute Halloween temporary tattoos.

And I’m not tellin’ any of you people where I live.

Whatever my wife buys.

But the good news is…

For the first time in 3 years since my ex movied to Chicago…

I will have my kids on Halloween!!!
And, it’s my daughter’s birthday!!!

Oh dear, well, we have hoards of children come to our door. No, I mean HOARDS. We live in the historic district of our town so it’s a pretty popular place to trick or treat. Our neighbors really get into it too. They make their houses look haunted, dress up etc. It’s a lot of fun, but because there are so many kids you basically have to sit outside on the porch for 4 hours in the cold. Anyway! To answer your question, I buy candy that I love and think the kids would appreciate. Kit Kats, Snickers, Rollos, Smarties, Starburst, Milky Way Dark bars…I got so ill on the Milky Way Darks last year. I don’t think the children even got any…Bad Shana.

Oh, and I forgot to say, yay for you Odinoneeye ! That’s great:)

I just wanted to drop in and mention that when I ran across this thread, the thread immediately following was “What vibrator should I get my girlfriend?” Personally, I think it’s a wonderful idea. :smiley:

I guess I’m not as nice as you guys…I give them the candy my kids got last Halloween that I still haven’t allowed them to eat. Hey, at least I recycle!

Kraft Karmel Onions. Some rolled in nuts, some not. First bite is the best.
Last year I gave out Tater Tots.

oh man, America rocks doesn’t it? :frowning:

I give out stuff I’m not inclined to eat, but it is stuff kids like. Skittles and the like. We get many kids because we are the halloween house in the neighborhood. People even stop in our yard just to take pictures.

Whatever is still in the stores at 5:00 on the 31st, when I remember that it’s Trick or Treat time.

are you really a fat, bald guy?

I’ll be handing out the same thing I do every year, small zip lock baggies filled with rock candy.

Same with me, on both counts. My parents always give out full size (one per kid, of course), so I stick with that. Not sure if I’m going to buy anything this year - I think I had one kid last year (I live in a gated community). If I do buy anything, it will be peanut butter cups. If kids come, they get them - if they don’t, I freeze a few, and bring the rest to work.

Of course, indian/candy corn is calling to me - but I’m not giving in! The bags I looked at yesterday had 8 servings per bag, and there is no way I am going to eat candy corn 8 times - I just want it once! I’m sure the day after Halloween someone will have some in the breakroom.


My parents always gave out full-size candy (M&Ms, mostly), and I stuck with it for awhile. But then I realized that kids get a lot more candy in general now than they used to, and I just couldn’t do it anymore. I’m an old and bitter health fanatic, apparently. But I do give out the best small candy around–I usually have a huge bowl of mixed chocolate bars of various kinds. And some SweeTarts, because I love those.

We get a lot of kids, and I love it. Yay for Halloween…