Your High School Sports Teams

Springfield Southeast High School, Springfield, Illinois, Class of '88. Go Spartans!

Our basketball, baseball, track and soccer teams were competitive (we won the City Tournament in basketball one year) but not exemplary.

Our football team sucked ass in a MAJOR way. They won a game when I was in 8th grade. Then they went on an 0-35 streak that ended the first game of my senior year (they won all of three games that year). *

Our swimming & diving teams won state every year I attended, IIRC. A girl I met in college was from Peoria (Peoria schools were in our conference) and she said that their swimmers and divers lived in fear of us. :slight_smile:

How about YOUR school?

*To this day, my high school’s football team continues to suck, as do the football teams of Springfield’s two other public high schools. IIRC, no team from a public high school in Springfield has ever qualified for the state tournament (which requires winning 6 games).

When I was in high school, people thought of the football team as something to occupy the time between the marching band’s performance at pre-game and half-time. The band members were about the only ones left watching the football team after half-time as the crowd would generally get up & leave as the band left the field.

Our wrestling program started when I was a junior. I missed out placing at the state tourny because I had the flu my senior year. I think we had one guy win that year, two guys the next, and the team as a whole won state the next year. Pretty average at everything else I was involved in (golf, tennis, football, baseball).

Lane Tech class of 78. Our teams usually did pretty well in the Chicago Public League - simply because our enrollment was so large. But we consistently got hammered by the rich suburban schools.

Clarion High School, class of 1963.

Our wrestlers always did well. The coach (Dale Brand) had participated in the 1936 Olympics.

Our basketball team made it to the state finals (placed 4th) in 1959. It was extremely exciting, and the first time I heard the word Cinderella in a sports context. The team had one player with an excellent long shot – John Phillips. John also played saxophone (or maybe the clarinet, I forget), and he was sorta like Lisa Simpson – always breaking out with his own tunes at band practice. :smiley:

Southold High School, Class of 1970.

Football - no team. But they were always competitive in basketball (won their league a few times) and soccer (winning the Suffolk County championship a few years after I graduated and going to the state finals a couple of times).

Sterling High (Colorado) Tigers. Typical orange and black motif for the Bengal tiger. When I was in school, none of the athletic programs amounted to a damn. Over the past 15 years the volleyball, baseball and girls basketbal teams each have won a state championship, the gymnastics team usually wins the state title for 4A and boys basketball and football have come close a time or two. Repsectable, always fun to watch. My oldest son played tight end and placekicker three years, made All-Conference his senior year. Just braggin’.

I wasn’t a sports fan in high school, nor am I a fan now. The football team in my high school years really needed to drastically raise their performance level to just sucks. Im my four years there, they won four games. In my senior year, a newly formed school with just grades 9, 10 and 11 beat them 77 to 0.

Broughton Caps '88. Our Football team wasn’t too good. My freshmen year, when I was a manger, we went 0-10. It was so bad that on our way to the Homecoming game (We and another High School shared a stadium), one of the assistant coaches suggested we forfit the game. That way we’d only lose 1-0.

We did have a good basket-ball team. We went to the state finals in 1986.

Niskayuna HS, Class of 82. We had a hell of a wrestling program, lots of wrestlers in the state meets every year. Jeff Blatnik was my neighbor, and a hell of a nice guy.

Our cross country and girls soccer programs were both state competition caliber.

Our track teams were very good on a regional level; I had the good fortune to throw shot and disc on a number of regional team winners; even won the shot put in one notable regional meet. Those things lasted forever as I recall.

Our football team sucked ass. I know all to well, being on only one winning team.

I was in the marching band for 2 years, so was forced to watch the Mt. Carmel Sundevil football team lose game after game after game in the '84 and '85 seasons. I have no idea how our other sports teams did (couldn’t care less), but our school at the time was much better known for the band than for the athletics–we certainly took home more trophies every year than the entire sports dept. combined.

Williamsville East High School- we were “The Flames”. Yes, The Flames.

We had a really good gymnastics team and track team.