Your MOST favourite....

Vanilla followed by chocolate. They’ve always been the best flavors in the world, which is why they’ve always been the most popular. Some of the ice cream “flavors” parlors have would gag a maggot as far as I’m concerned.

Your favorite artist?

Gustav Klimt

YMF exotic animal?

Cheetahs - handsome, fast, endangered.

YMF endangered species?

Elephants. So beautiful and unique… I hope future generations get to see them.

YMF marsupial?

Kangaroos, definitely. Kangaroos are cool.

gonzoron, in the most recent season of Westworld, set about 30 years from now, it’s mentioned in passing that there are no more elephants.

YMF TV show set in the near future?

Mystery Science Theater 3000. It’s set in the not too distant future. Next Sunday, A.D. to be precise(at least the good seasons were).

YMF ancient Greek?

Themistocles - a badass of his day:

YMF ancient Roman?


Fav salad dressing

Ranch, because it reliably tastes the same no matter where you are. I actually prefer blue cheese, or Russian at a few particular restaurants, where I know what to expect, but when I’ve never been some place before, or it’s an inexpensive place, where they can’t possibly do the others right, I always get Ranch.

YMF fantasy/sci-fi TV show.


Fav Ranch, like with cowboys

Any ranch where they give me a cold beer, ply me with grilled steak, where the rancher’s daughter is beautiful and flirtatious, and there’s a Slim, a Tex and an Ol’ Joe among the ranch hands.

YMF Southwestern state, and why?

Does Missouri count? I like the Orthodox community there-- very supportive of Jewish Deaf people, unlike many other Jewish communities. Also, very welcoming to Jews who are not Orthodox, but want to learn about something particular that the community might be offering on a particular Shabbes.

Oh, yeah-- YMF religion besides your own.

Ukrainian Orthodoxy

YMF spiritual song

“Softly and Tenderly Jesus is Calling,” written by Will Thompson, a cousin of mine, back in the day.

YMF thing about autumn?

Nostalgia for the smell of burning leaves

Fav peerson named Smith

Will Smith, particularly for Legend and Men in Black.

Fav person named Jones?

Definitely James Earl Jones.

YMF Halloween memory?

Carving pumpkins, making a big mess, roasting the seeds.

YMF Halloween costume

Captain Kirk. My mom sewed the yellow uniform shirt and the Starfleet insignia; I wore black pants and black boots that I already had.

YMF subject for a jack-o-lantern?

A COVID-19 molecule with Trump’s face.

YMF late-night activity (other than sleeping or sex)?