Your most interesting SDMB contributions

We all know about the 9/11 thread in MPSIMS. And the Coldfire thread about D-Day. And the Cervaise thread about the telemarketer. And of course the Slashdotted Cafe Society Lord of the Rings thread. All great SDMB contributions.

But there have been numerous interesting threads we don’t hear about a lot. Maybe with twists and turns. Or surprising developments. Notorious or famous. A Pit thread that actually resolved a conflict. A Great Debates thread that actually changed someone’s mind about something. A Humble Opinions thread that saved someone a boatload of time and trouble.

I got to thinking about this because I remembered a thread I opened in Cafe Society one day just after watching the Ryan Seacrest show. (He had a TV talk/variety show that aired during that season of American Idol.) Merv Griffin (the show’s executive producer, I think) was on as a guest, and announced that “something just amazing is going to happen” on Jeopardy! (another show he owns). This was 18 May, 2004.

Merv Griffin announces that something “amazing” is going to happen…

Merv had said 20 May, but it turned out that it all started 2 June. It turned out to be Ken Jennings. I got a scoop! Bigger than I realized at the time. :slight_smile: It’s an interesting read because it’s a bit of history unfolding.

Share some of yours or some you know about. And don’t be shy to toot your own horn.

I like to think my thread on large numbers added more than size to our database.

I think my thread on Happy Signifigant Relationships has aged well. Hard to believe that was five years ago.

My threads die miserable deaths. Cold, alone, and unloved. It’s touchingly tragic.

In this thread, I conducted a test of remote viewing.
As far as I know, it’s the only example of someone changing their mind about what they could do…

Gramatically embarrassing, but interesting.

Warning: This one deals with politics.

The defenders of democracy ignore Venezuela.

One of my earlier GD threads that clearly shows my crime against grammar’s nature. But behind the errors was the realization that the idea that many conservatives had, that mainstream media was somewhat liberal, was BS.

Regardless of the few mea culpas, the behavior of the media during the Venezuelan coup-d’etat showed that right wing propaganda could be plugged effortlessly into the news pipeline and there were countless examples of the media even in the US not correcting or acknowledging that there was a problem on how the news were reported.

The amazing thing to me was seeing history unfold and that a thread set as a postmortem of democracy turned to be one that showed the coup leaders and the Bush administration turn into fools in less than 72 hours.

I also did notice back then a very “prophetic” item:

Before OSI, Before finding that reporters were getting in bed with the White House, before false torture information to justify the Iraq war, before the Downing Street memos. Indeed, back in April of 2002, I noticed then how this administration was willing to twist the intelligence.

I was the first person to announce the deaths of Jerry Orbach and Wilson Picket.

My Wiping: Sit or Stand? thread was, I believe, an educational experience for all involved. It also got resurrected twice before Czarcasm locked it (boo!).

For once I agree with you.

Which is to say, so do mine.

To seriously answer the OP - think the threads I started on Women vs Womyn went off pretty good.

I have greatly enjoyed some of the OP’s - chess threads, and some of his other battle threads in GD…

I have a soft spot in my heart for my Batman vs The Spanish Inquisition thread. Posted at the height of the “Batman vs…if he’s prepared” craze. Batman wins if he’s prepared, but nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition. It didn’t get a lot of response but I like it anyway.

Hmm - my first most popular thread in the last year was a bunch of tiny rants. My second most popular thread was “How Hot Do You Think You Are?” I haven’t really plumbed the depths and soared to the heights of the human experience with the threads I’ve started here. (I’ve tried, on occasion, but those ones never seemed very popular for some reason. :confused: ) I’ve pretty much accepted that there are those who score touchdowns, and those who sit in the stands and cheer, and I will be a cheerer all my life.

One of my GQ threads, “Uniquely Distinct Americanisms”, eventually went to 509 replies and is the second largest General Questions thread behind “Are Scalar Weapons Real?”, which is almost exactly twice as long at 1017 replies.

I quit reading it after the first couple pages, though.

My threads either whither and die, shivering and alone (like this one on the tango I’m too embarrassed to even bump), or they quickly get far too technical for me to keep up with (like this one on the NSA call database). The How often do you masturbate? thread got a lot of action, of course! :smiley:

But the thing I would be saddest to lose to the archives is the thread about my experiences with my newborn micropreemie. It’s a great diary of what I was going through, of course, but the outpouring of support, advice, commiseration and concern from the Dopers is just invaluable to me. Everytime some nimrod comes along with a “why do u idoits pay 2 post on a stoopid msge baord>?” thread, I think of that thread and smile to myself. 13,533 views on a thread about a stranger’s baby and not a snarky post in 333. That’s what the Dope means to me.