Your own...Personal....Jesus...FISH

I was remarking in my journal the other day how the Jesus Fish/Darwin Battle was getting well out of hand. Having seen the “Vampire” fish (with little fangs), the “GEFILTE” fish, the “SHALOM” fish, and the Truth Fish eating the Darwin Fish…I thought I’d seen it all…

Then I saw the SCIENCE fish eating the TRUTH fish eating the DARWIN fish and I had to wonder…how much farther will this fish craze will go, and how much more can our bumpers take?

So I ask you…what would your Jesus fish say? Or look like?

One of those Jesus fish with the word “Jesus” in it… Upside down.

Doesn’t mean anything, but it’d be fun to let the other motorists try and figure out what side I’m on.

It would have a beret and glasses, just like Charlie the Tuna.

Underneath, the caption would read:

“Dolphin-safe Jesus”

I have one, actually! it’s one of the Darwin fish - it’s meant to stick on a car or something, but I stuck a magnet on the back so it’s on my fridge instead

I’ll have to do some thinking about what I would put in it if I had my own choice…

Jesus fish?

Mine wouldn’t be on my car. It would be on the wall of my den. I’d like an animatronic fish singing Jesus Christ - SUUUUPERStar….

Winston Smith, Heathen

I designed one a few years ago that had the Darwin fish and the Jesus fish overlapping one another at their heads. Inside the overlapping area, I had the yin-yang symbols.

There are a few different fishes on this page. It doesn’t have the Cthulu fish though, which I think is the funniest.

Mine has a fork on one side, a knife on the other, and possibly an oval border to the entire fish. The wording: DINNER

How about a jesus fish that’s gobbling down GodSka’s Jizz?

The caption underneath would be “Jesus Swallows”.

[Depeche Mode]Reach out and touch fish![/Depeche Mode]

It’s not uncommon here in San Diego to see ones that are shaped like sharks, or even tuna. (You know you’ve lived in San Diego long enough when you recognize the outline of a tuna.)

I’m not sure what philosophy they are attempting to convey.

I have the Happy Gefilte Fish and the Darwin Fish and a bumber sticker that says “Honk If You Understand Punctuated Equillibria” (tee hee hee) :slight_smile:

I would like a nice skeletonized fish that says “Nietzsche.”

Around here the fashion seems to be schools of the damn things on the ass ends of SUVs. I always want to ask them if their understand the concept on monotheism vs. polytheism…