Your personal election day omens

What has happened to you today that is a good or bad omen about how the election will go (from your perspective, whatever that may be)?

Today a box arrived in the mail for me from my mother that I was not expecting to arrive for another week. In it is a half-finished pair of gloves that I last worked on during Obama’s speech after he clinched the Democratic nomination. I’m going to work on them while I watch the results come in.

On a more worrying note, we had planned to eat salt and vinegar chips while we watched for results, but the store was out of them.

I voted in Virginia, perhaps the most crucial state this time, and there was a turnout in my precinct unlike anything I’ve seen in the 10 years I’ve voted there. Both paper and electronic voting was available, and everything was going very smoothly. I didn’t see anyone challenging voters or any supression shenanigans.

my windscreen washer fluid ran out a few days ago. If that isn’t an omen I don’t know what is :smiley:

Well, my medical records finally came in yesterday so I’ll be swearing in today. Also, my recruiter is on a vacation or something and I have to work with a “replacement recruiter”… What the hell…

I watched the Redskins lose last night.

I had to clean up cat vomit this morning (and lots of it, all over the house), and then when I took a shower it wouldn’t drain so I had to take the plunger to it. I’m hoping this is the universe working to keep me from being totally happy today.

This has happened before. When I was an undergrad, one day I heard that a friend of mine who as far as I could tell wasn’t that much smarter than me got into Caltech for grad school (this gave me hope that I might get into good grad schools too, which I did when I applied the next year), then later in the day I whacked my shin on a metal equipment-moving dolly (didn’t break it, but it hurt for a couple weeks). I’m hoping the cat vomit and shower issue are because Obama’s going to win and I’m going to get my official job offer today, and there’s only so much happiness you can have in one day.

Or else McCain is going to win and my job offer is going to fall through, and those things are just signs of a really sucky day to come :frowning: I hope that’s not what it is.

I just put some Drano down the shower drain, hopefully that will fix that problem.

It is actually raining in Southern California…A very strange omen, but I am not sure what it means.

Oh well, looks like I won’t be getting my official job offer today. No indication that it’s fallen through or anything like that, just haven’t heard anything yet and don’t really expect to hear after 5pm.

But Obama winning would still cancel out cleaning up cat sick and plunging the shower.

I got home this afternoon to find a brand new washer and dryer set up in my laundry room. It was a mistake on the landlord’s part – the washer and dryer were supposed to be installed in another unit – but I get to keep them anyway.

I have a sinking feeling that it’s some sort of consolation prize. “Sorry, ladybug, you don’t get an Obama presidency, but you do get this Extra-Large Capacity washer and dryer from GE!”

Lightning struck the big oak about 5 in the morning the otherday. Woke me up and I could feel the electricity it was so close. Crack! Barak!

My friends and I are having a little U.S election watching party tonight (we’re in Australia) and I’ve been finishing off sorting out my M&Ms (we’re only eating red, white and blue ones tonight - we’re getting the white ones from the Mint M&M packs that come in green and white).

Having just finished collecting all the red and blue ones from the regular packs - I have found that there are MANY more blue M&Ms than there are red.

After some scholarly texting on the meaning of this, we have concluded that it is portentous of a Democratic win :smiley: .