Your side winning elections: Joy, or mere relief?

ISTM that as America has become more polarized and bitterly divided, that one symptom of such is that when one’s side wins elections, the emotion of their voters is no longer much one of joy, but rather, a sense of relief - not so much that the good guys won, but rather, that the bad guys were staved off or repudiated (for the time being.) Is this accurate for a large swath of voters?

Usually joy, this time it was relief. That was a function of not having control of any branch of government, another 2 years of relative powerless would have been extremely worrisome and depressing.

I don’t know if either emotion applies. I think the damage that Trumpism caused to America is permanent and catastrophic, so I don’t know that it makes a difference at this point.

I remember the joy, even ecstasy, in 2008. Excitement as well. Traveling in the Caribean, people there were affected as well. Hugs, fist bumps, smiles, everywhere we went.

Sometimes, your side winning means the “good guys” won.

Sometimes it means that the guys you hope turn out to be good guys won,

And sometimes it means that the lesser of two evils won.

I was relieved Tuesday. If the Democrats had had a popular vote margin of 20% and taken both houses of congress, I would have been full of joy. The former due to Democrats, at a minimum, having a check on Trump. The latter would have been due to a pretty clear sign that Americans reject Trumpism. As is, far too many people are supportive of the racism, sexism, lying, anti-press, and totalitarian tendencies to have joy.

2008 was joy.

2018 was relief. At least now we have part of one branch of government to restrict trumps legislative agenda and hold investigations.

Too many people support trumps behavior for me to feel joy about an election anymore. Just relief that the white nationalists lost something.

If and when I ever have the opportunity to vote for a politician whose long-range vision and short-term goals and overall philosophy overlap with my own, and that person actually wins, there will be elation.

Meanwhile, yes I tend to root for a team (the Democrats), but usually because the other team (Republicans) make them look so good in contrast. I often vote 3rd party (usually Green) if the contest’s outcome (or my state’s EV in the case of presidential races) is not in doubt, although even then it is rarely more than marginally true that the 3rd party candidate’s views are a strong overlap of my own.

When “my” candidate in this limited sense wins, yeah, it’s relief.

Relief. The same feeling you would have if your house were burning down, and the fire department put out the fire. Your house is significantly damaged, but parts of your house are still usable for you to live in. You don’t yet have the resources to hire a contractor to rebuild. It will take 2 years before that’s even possible, and even that’s not guaranteed. That’s how I feel.