Your teenager committed suicide? It's your fault.

It’s true. In this thread, Condescending Robot proves that all teenage suicides are caused by the parents being too religious or athletic(I don’t know either) to notice the warning signs of the mental illness they have caused by not tolerating their kids’ gayness:

So there we have it. Depression and other mental illness is easy to spot, and is caused by bad families. It’s also probably because the kid is gay.

I just have to say, it must be nice to live in a stepford children world where all mental illness is easily diagnosable, and we can easily assign blame to the parents. But in the world we live in, the signs are not always obvious or easy to spot, suicidal ideation can come on suddenly and can be caused by drugs used to treat other issues, and mental health issues are not quickly and easily treated by just taking the proper pill.

Condescending Robot is an utter cretin, and I sincerely hope that he someday gets to tell a room full of grieving parents (maybe at a funeral) that they just weren’t paying enough attention and that this could have been prevented if you just tried harder.

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Well, at first I was going to give Robot the benefit of the doubt and chalk up his 100% statistic to hyperbole, but given his other comments, I have to agree with **IVN. Robot’s **assessment is simplistic at best.

I think most parents try to do the best they can by their children, but they aren’t mind readers. My parents to this day don’t know the extent of my depression. They know I’m on medication for it and that I go to therapy, but they don’t know how often I’ve thought about suicide in the past. I’ve chosen to put on a happy face for them, mostly because they have their own health problems to deal with (Dad has leukemia) and I don’t want to add to their burden.

Kids are great at lying and concealing things from their parents, including mental and other health problems. I know. I’ve done (and still do) it.