Your view of Islam, summed up in one word

I do tend to support the posters here acting against those who have little experience of being around Muslims day to day, but on the other hand I don’t think that this board in general is anything like harsh enough on Islam as a religion.

Anyway, in just one word - what is your view of Islam? Poll accompanies.


The “one word” that popped into my head was ‘Religion’. Because that’s what it is.

So I picked that.

Same here. Controversial I know, but that’s me.




Most of the Christians I know would go to church for Easter and their wedding, and thats about it. Maybe there are a lot of Muslims who are similarly lax, but the ones I hear about are much more devoted to their religion, whether as kind, peaceful people or harsh, intolerant ones. It seems to play a much larger role in their lives.

But I dont really know many Muslims.




Just like Christianity it varies from mellow to restrictive, simple to complex, tolerant to horribly intolerant.

The very first word that comes to mind is hijacked.

I think the majority of followers can get along in the world just fine. But the fanatic groups are just too sizable and suicidal. To me they seem impossible to deal with.

Same here.

You left out “ignorant”.

WTF does that mean? Why should this board be “harsh” on Islam, or on a religion at all? Is the membership of this board somehow responsible for judging religion? Well, any individual is free to, of course, but it’s silly to talk about “this board” as if it were some kind of governing body that can render a verdict.

There is a big disconnect between the religion’s teachings and how it is practiced by the vast majority of Muslims vs. the terrorist acts by extremists who wave the Koran in their hands to justify their acts. A large number of Muslims also have practices that date back before the establishment of Islam and continue as cultural practices that get tied to the religion. There is a lot of muddling of Middle Eastern culture and politics with Islam and in many cases the religion is used as a rationalization rather than the true impetus. The covering of women for modesty is a simple example. Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Egypt are all Muslim countries but all observe a different standard of modesty, and all claim that their practice is dictated by or consistent with Islam.


Islam as a religion (not in the literal Arabic sense of “surrender to God”) is incorrect.

“Irrational” Same as any other religion.

Well, that’s pretty much why I picked “religion”; it contains many of the other words as part of itself. Irrational, incorrect, archaic, irritant, etc.

The first word that popped in my head was “stupid.” Irrational was pretty close, so I picked that. I would have said the same about most other religions, though.

Am I the only one having difficulty making any sense of this statement?