You're all too good to me...

Hi Guys,

TubaDiva, being of the kindest heart and soul, looked into things when I asked to be removed. She convinced me to just let things go and come back.

Then there is my dear, dear friend. Ya see, I am a softy of gigantic proportions. Huge. Massive softy. Naturally he got angry when I messed up and his anger hurt me. I thought I was doing damage control by just leaving. He never asked me to leave or anything. In fact, he convinced me to come back. I think I just went all Hollywood when he was upset with me. Friendships mean a lot to me and he is one of the best I have had. So, now everything is cool with us. PHEW.

And to everyone who expressed concern via E-mail, ICQ and in the other thread… THANK YOU. You’ll never be forgotten in this little gals head :slight_smile:

REALLY Silly Rabbit

knew it.
w (<<o he’s a larnin…)
glad you two are ok.
better friends than not- even better that you’ve come through this spat- makes it stronger

See Rabbit? Leaving was Silly.

No kidding… I had a full day of withdrawl. It ain’t pretty!! :slight_smile:

WE LOVE Silly Rabbit!!!Well, I do.:slight_smile: