You're Baby Pics? (Inspired by Johnny L.A.)

I wanted to post these in Johnny L.A.'s thread, but I tought it would be best not to steal the thunder in his own thread…so…

Here are some pics of me in my much younger years and one new one. (Some of you may have seen these already.)

Me and My Girl Friend in Grade 2
My First Car. :slight_smile:
Kwyji-Max. The Happy baby
Gotta Have My Smoke
Kwyji-Max The Poser. :slight_smile:
Baby Kwyji-Max In Scotland
Me After The ‘Dog Attack’. (Not really for the squeemish, but not all that bad…)
Kwyji-Max and Trinity Before Last Years X-Mas Party

Care to contibute?

You were one cute little baby. Which makes it just that much harder to tell you that Eutychus did this exact thing 10 days ago.

Maybe you can transplant your post there?

Or we could post here again. Either way works for me.Me.

Damn it…

Class…this is what happens when you don’t pay attention.

I guess this can be closed/deleted…I’m gonna repost it on Euty’s thread.