Yet another Doper Picture Thread.

This is the Ujests, May 2009.

Beautiful photo!

I love these threads! Thisis me.


Got no newer better one’s I can locate, but I’ll look

Here’s me.

Feast your eyes on my million dollar smile* and marvel!

Yes it’s a link to my facebook page… I’m too lazy to go rooting about in Picasa today.

*2093 dollars. Actual current cash value may need cipherin’.

My most recent, from early spring:

I believe this is the first time in all these years I’ve shared in these threads!

That’s a nice picture… especially the teal hair! You look like you’re up to some mischief in that shot… what overthrow were you planning there?

Hell, why not. This is me, I suppose.

From this past March

I’m the one with the beard and the pillow.

Me. I’d taken the train to the zoo. It was weird to walk through the African exhibit in winter, but the lions didn’t seem to mind…

Lions!!! I hope you don’t mind but I scrolled through the pics, you took some great lion shots! I love the big cats.

The really good pics were taken by my friends, I am forced to admit. :slight_smile:

Hey! Don’t sell yourself short; you do have a great smile! :slight_smile:
Anyway, here are a few I’ve dug up recently:

At a train station in Michigan City, Indiana, waiting for a train to Chicago. I’m the one doing the silly dance on the yellow post.

At a party, being generally nerdy. I’m the guy covered in white plastic. :wink:

Foosball. Awesome!

The same party, after loosening up a bit.

Again at the party, this time embarrassing myself completely. Notice how only a couple other people are dancing, and everybody else is standing at the edges looking horrified? We were doing the macarena. Out of sync, even.

Later on I redeemed myself by doing a pretty awesome breakdancing routine (which is a considerable achievement in the armor, let me tell you!), but sadly nobody caught it on film that I’m aware of. Naturally it’s mainly the embarrassing stuff that winds up immortalized for posterity. :dubious:

This one made me laugh out loud. I think it’s the thumbs up that does it.
Me, looking about as presentable as I’ll ever be.

'Nother one.

The other girl in the family.

I only have fishing related pictures but here are a few.

Hiking into a lake somewhere near Malibu
They just can’t keep their hands off me. We’re in Santa Barbara.

Wading out in Goleta. That’s a dolphin in the background.

I think Shirley was inspired by my thread. So I will link again from here…it’s the only image of me that is on the internet at all at the moment (that I know of, I seem to recall some news and promotional shots floating around but I don’t know where.) and it’s 20 years old but hey, it’s VIDEO! 90 seconds of Stoid (and her ass, which is sufficiently substantial to rate having its own separate identity) winning a game show. Although I was the only one to win the game, my ass was just tagging along and basking in my glory.

The post asked for pictures, not video! :wink:

So what did you win?

Jeez! Fine! :stuck_out_tongue: (those were all taken in the last 3 years)

I won a bunch of cheap crap and $2600. I thought it was less then I watched the video and remembered that the little signs on the bank thing indicate how much money was at stake.

I was also considering posting the only “sexy” picture of me that is actually sexy, taken by an actual professional photographer, also taken relatively recently, and also featuring my ass, interestingly enough.

But then the drugs wore off.

My son and I on Dartmoor this weekend.