You're Cut Off = Skankfest - WTF???

I ran into this show a week ago and got hooked on just how unbelievable it is.


I do not believe these women come from homes and families that can afford to blow $1000 on a handbag for them, much less dozens of handbags.

These women are the epitome of skank. They are marginally educated, inarticulate, sloppy, tasteless, and are simply not credible in the role of spoiled princesses. Spoiled princesses usually look like they’ve had a shower in the last week or two.

I also find the attitude unbelievable.

If any of it is real, all I can say is: sad. Deeply sad.

Spoiled skanks on TV you say? Pray tell which channel and time are they on?

VH1, multiple times throughout the week, if you have cable.

I’m catching up with last season, so far less skanky. But still gross.

Methinks you’ve been whooshed, Stoid.

What’s the premise of the show? Low class woman living above their means who… get cut off from their (parental? spousal?) support? Lose a limb? Have to kill a grizzly?

They sound like Lindsey Lohan clones.

Sounds like another reason to not have cable.

Yikes. Season one was bad enough.

The premise is over-coddled “Daddy’s Girls” who have never had to touch a mop or know which end of a skillet goes onto the stove get thrown into a house and made to do normal daily chores like food shopping, cleaning, cooking, etc.

Needless to say, they fail spectacularly with much whining and pouting. Week by week, they get kicked out and theoretically cut off from all the money and minions they’d been accustomed to.

One memorable bit from season one was when they wanted some wine, but due to the intentionally low (to them, at least) budget, they had to settle for a boxed wine. None of them could read the instructions on the box about how to pop out tab A, pull out the spout and nestle it into tab B. They wound up pulling the bag out of the box and stabbing it with a knife to get at the wine.


But, you can always catch it on the internets!

I watch a couple of episodes a season or two ago (on the 'net since I don’t have cable) and was dutifully impressed with how shallow, spoiled, entitled, and vapid the young ladies were. One bragged that she had never seen the kitchen in the house where she lived. They all freaked out when they had to ride together in, gasp, a van! They thought that the normal houses they were seeing were ‘the ghetto’. One could not do her recreational shopping without an assistant to carry her bags.


I’d like to think that I were born into a stinking rich family, I would find something better to do with my time than shop and get my hair and nails done all day.

I wonder if they will do a companion show with sons instead of daughters.

It reminds me of that show on MTV… I think it was called “My Sweet 16”. It featured the teenaged daughters of the super-rich planning and having their Sweet 16 birthday party.

“I can’t believe you got me the red Porsche! You knew I wanted a pink one! I hate you!”

“I don’t care if Grandma’s funeral is that weekend! That weekend’s about me!”

Jeebus. :rolleyes: These shows certainly satisfy our sense of moral superiority. It’s recreational outrage at its finest.

I love this show! I didn’t realize there was a new season until pretty recently, and it’s already mostly over. :frowning:

Any of the "Real Housewife … " shows strike me the same but worse. Wealthy stuck up bitches whining about life. I successfully avoid most of these shows but wife was watching “… of Beverly Hills” last night and I couldn’t leave the room. I told her if the show made me puke she’d have to clean it up.

Even worse: “Downsized”. You’ve lived far beyond your means and put NOTHING aside and now you have a TV show to whine about it all on?

It’s a wonder my TV hasn’t suffered a boot through the screen yet.

I watched the episode in season one where they couldn’t open the box of wine. It was like watching a car wreck. So what happened at the end of the first season, Kyla? Did everyone become fiscally responsible? I could never figure out what they were going for.

Hahaha! No. A few people seemed to come to the realization that having money did not actually make them inherently better people than everyone else, and that they shouldn’t be so disrespectful to everyone all the time, but I’m not sure how much of it was for show and how much of it was real. The worst offender, Gia, didn’t really budge at all. At one point they went on a field trip to a Buddhist temple to learn about how materialism wasn’t actually all that awesome and she had a total breakdown. But one of the other really terrible offenders, Erica, had a follow-up show (I think it was online only, actually) and showed the cameras around her new apartment, and it was actually pretty ordinary and not extravagant. That was really surprising to me.

The point of the show is:

a. schadenfreude
b. trainwreck

But I think they’re basically trying to instill actual human decency, consideration, and empathy for other into people who have been allowed to run roughshod over everyone else for their entire lives. Too little, too late, mom and dad.

Hmmm, I guess I’m glad I didn’t stick with it then…

My Sweet 16 did have a couple episodes focusing on a boy’s sweet 16. Until then I’d never heard of a boy having a sweet 16.

Sweet 16 USED to be my favorite trainwreck show, until I learned the secret truth - MTV completely funded the parties which they filmed, so the parents had very little motivation to say no.

The scary thing about You’re Cut Off is that one of the girls was from the same street my Dad now lives on, and he knew the family. They were under contract to not discuss the show with him, which means they were likely getting a nice payoff as well.

They aren’t kicked off, at least, that’s not the point - one was kicked off because she was just too insufferable to put up with for one more second. The rest all “graduated” and were greeted by their various benefactors who all had new rules for their princesses to live by - some more stringent than others.

Can we perhaps blend shows like this with some sort of Pol Pot agricultural killing field?

Force these spoiled princesses to live in filty huts, work fields, gather their food from what the can scrounge off the land and for the hook.

Each week one of the is killed.

The final winner gets to come back next season.

I smell ratings.