You're MINE now asshole!

I’ve been sick the past few days, and ended up taking a sickday today. I ended up in my throne in the living room, wrapped up in a nice blanket, watching some DVD’s while feeling like shit.

Around 2pm, all the sudden, my german shepard jumps up on the couch next to me and start going apeshit barking through the window at something outside the front of the house. She’s good for this, she barks at damn near anything. People, cars, cats, leaves, imaginary things that only her addled brain can see…But something was different in this bark, and caused me to turn my head and look out the front window.

When I do, I see a late 80’s Black Chevy Cavalier outside the front of my house. Since I live in the city, and on a one way street, I figured it was a friend of a neighbor or whatnot, and was just about ready to turn around, when I saw the passenger get out, run across the street to MY car, and open the rear passenger door.

Well, needless to say, a whole bunch of crap went instantly through my head, as I got out of my chair and ran to my front door, but being sick as a dog, and half dressed, pretty much shot down any of my normal ideas. I ended up opening the door, and screaming at him, “GET AWAY FROM THE CAR MOTHER FUCKER!”

Well, Mr fucknugget, pops his head out of my car, eyes popping out of his eyesockets, and boogies back to the waiting cavalier, gets in, and him and his buddy drive off.

As their driving off, I walked out and got the plate of the car, and went and checked my vehicle.

They got two speakers out of the back, apparently from a earlier time, as the car was already unlocked when they came by this time, and he didn’t have anything in his hands when I spooked him off.

Apparently from the looks of it, they slimjimmed the front passenger door and unlocked it and the rear passenger door, then got the speakers, then took off, and came back for more.

I went in, pissed off to all hell, and called the St. Louis City PD, and had them send out a car. The two fuckers had picked the WRONG person to steal from or break into the car of. I work in Loss prevention now, and have a background in law enforcement and have a lot of ties in the LE community. When the cop got there, it was someone I knew, so I gave him the info and discriptions and plate info, and we pulled out a old fingerprint kit I had and got some very nice prints the dipshit left on the window/door when he jimmed the door open. Normally I wouldn’t go for prints and neither would he as it’s not a felony, until we noticed they had played a bit with the ignition. Enough to make it a felony, but not enough to get a CSU out to take prints, so I was lucky I had that old kit laying around.

So now it’s just a matter of time till they get these two pricks, but DAMN I’m so pissed. My car is a 88 Honda, it isn’t SHIT, and neither are the two speakers these to dipshits took. I’ve lived here for almost 8 years, and have had my car broken into 3 damn times. At least this time there was no damage to the car, like the last two times when they just busted out a damn window. What I need is one of those damn car protection systems like in Robocop…steal THAT ya motherfucker!

Anyhow, I guess i’m just ranting to get this out of my system before I blow a gasket and punch out a wall or something.

Oh, and the moral of this story? Don’t steal from someone who catches theives day in and day out, and knows how to catch your ass you stupid mother fuckers.

Wow. Just…wow. Extra treats for the german shepard tonight!

Keep us updated. I want to know what happens to the jerks once they’re caught.

Did the dog not get a chance to bite him? GRRRR! I’m glad you caught 'em.

Good story… hope ya catch em.

an '88 seems kinda “aged”, I’m seriously surprised it would interest a thief. granted, i ain’t no thief and nor am i a '80’s collector.

EXCELLENT! that you made their license plate, got their prints, etc. Too bad they got your speakers.

I’da let the dog go take a bite out of the thief, but that’s just me.

Good for you, for handling the situation exactly correctly!

As Vincent says, catching them in the act almost makes it worth it. Kudos on nailing the pricks. Let us know what happens to them.

<slight hijack>

How’s a GS to live with in the city? Considering getting one myself – apartment dweller here, albeit a large one. Love those darn dogs.

And since she was the hero of the story, it is only a </slight hijack>

One of my best friends drives a 1984 Celebrity, a consummate piece of shit car and a running joke among his friends, who refer to it as the Pimpmobile. (He has the money to upgrade, and really should, but he took “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” a little too literally.)

A couple of years ago, someone stole it. They found it a few towns over. We were amazed that it made it that far.