You're right. I'd stay away from Black Guys, too.

No. I wouldn’t have.

Not because they were black, but because I’m not a dumb cunt, which appears to run in your family.


Couple other things:

[li]Turn the fucking John Mayer CD off. I’ve heard it 253 times in the past week, and it still sucks, so just turn it the fuck off, please.[/li][li]You talk to yourself. All the time. After two weeks here, I learned to ignore it, so don’t expect me to be paying attention when you ask me some random question while staring blankly at your computer screen, because you could very well be muttering yet another inanity under your breath. Sorry, I don’t hang on your every word. [/li][li]I don’t care how much the bottle of wine you had at your expensive dinner last night cost. I don’t care how much the antique desk you bought is worth. I don’t care how much your friend’s house in Indian Hill was. I don’t care if you got an amazing deal getting the top replaced on your Saab. I don’t care that you only eat imported fucking cheese. See, some of us manage to enoy life without worrying about whether we manage to collect more and more costly things than everbody else. Betcha I can have a better time in the nosebleeds at the ball game that you can have sitting behind home plate, you gold-digging skank.[/li][li]WDRV does not play “variety.” They play the same boring, hackneyed mix of effete classic rock ooze that the local Clear Channel station does. I mean, jesus, it’s still the same 100 songs, in the same order, every day.[/li][li]DO NOT SING ALONG WITH “BLACK WATER” BY THE FUCKING DOOBIE BROTHERS, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU DON’T FUCKING KNOW THE WORDS. IN FACT, DON’T SING ALONG WITH ANYTHING AT ALL. YOU SUCK!!!111~[/li][li]John Kerry voted against the Patriot Missle program because the Patriot didn’t fucking work. I don’t care what Arthur Kent said during Episode 1. It fucking didn’t. By the Pentagon’s own admission. Don’t fucking argue with me.[/li][li]You don’t like GW Bush, but you like Cheney? And you wish Bush would resign so Dick could be President? Seriously? Are you fucking nuts?[/li][/ol]

Oooh. Looks like we’re trying to hire a new person in your division. Maybe you two should share this office. You know, for training and all. I’m sure I can find an empty cubicle some place.


Great rant.

So anything else you would like to rant about?

What a pretentious twit… except for #7. I’m fucking nuts too. :eek:

Great user name. Surprised it passed.

It would look great on a business card.

I’m still trying to tell how he could see their skin color over the phone.

So, black445 tell us what you really think about her.

Works just great now… no problems at all…