You're starving to death. What is the one food you STILL will not eat?

For me, it’s eggs.

I would choke down mushrooms if I had to, or Brussel sprouts, or even cauliflower or American cheese. But I can honestly say if I were down to my last seventy pounds and you plopped down a Western omelet in front of me, I would curl up in a fetal position and wait for The Grim Reaper to come.

I don’t know what it is about eggs. It doesn’t matter if it’s quiche or even a custard. I can’t eat it. Even the smell of frying eggs makes me want to gag.

No eggs?? I would die without eggs.

I guess for me it would have to be kimchi (pickled cabbage). That is the nastiest stuff ever. Hate cabbage, not real fond of vinegar. A close runner-up to this would be mayonnaise in any way, shape or form.

How do you feel about sauerkraut?


Ergh, that texture!

Peanut butter…I will eat peanuts all day long but once they are in butter form, I can’t gag’em down.


Long pig…although I reserve judgement until I’m put into a life-or-death situation involving my own life.

And thus I spend my 1000th post talking about the possibilty of eating another human being. :slight_smile:

Zuchinni/courgettes (depending on which side of the pond you’re reading this)

Hmmm… let’s see…

European live maggot cheeses… nah I’d eat em.

Fear Factor style animal genitals… nah I’d eat em.

Lutefisk… sounds disgusting, but it’s got to taste better than it sounds so yeah I’d eat it.

Haggis … sounds resgusto, but hey it’s got oatmeal!

Raw, bloody beef that’s weeping blood. Some salt and pepper and I’m ready to go!

Olives… shudder… brrrr… no I’m sorry, I just can’t do it. Bury me in the pauper’s grave when I expire.

Anything in Kalhoun’s thread here:

I’d have to say insects. All the other stuff I have little or no problem with. Even the long pig, under extreme life or death circumstances, I would prefer to insects. I think.

Okay, Kalhoun’s thread notwithstanding, let’s stick to food humans normally eat.

Yes, I know some cultures eat bugs. But you don’t see a lot of sauteed grubs on the menus here in sunny Florida.

And what’s Long Pig?


Long Pig = euphemism for human flesh.

Other than the gross stuff in the Fear Factor thread, I’m not sure there’s any “typical” food I wouldn’t eat. There’s stuff I don’t eat in everyday life (I avoid beef & pork, for example), but I’m pretty adventurous otherwise.

Dunno there’s anything I wouldn’t eat if I were starving, excepting things that I’d have a moral problem with eating – e.g., my friends.


So, Daniel, how you doin’? How’s the wife and kids? Long time no see, and all that. He he. We’ve been friends a long time, right? Right? Hey, what are you doing with that barbecue sauce?

Raw tomatoes. Ugh. Anything made with sour cream or pickled, besides actual pickles.

I like the stuff mentioned in the OP, though.

Dog or cat. Or person.

Sorry but there is no food that anyone would refuse to eat if they are actually starving and no other food seems likely to become available.