YouTube livestream fraudulent search results

The wife and I have been watching episodes of our favorite TV program on YouTube. However, recently when we do a search for the latest episodes, we get a large number of, well, fake listings. Clicking on one of the listings results in a more or less incoherent video telling us to click on a link inside the video–which I don’t think I’m going to do. :dubious:

These “fraudulent” listings appear to be associated with live streaming; sometimes clicking on one gives, instead of the incoherent video, a message that says that “live session will be starting momentarily”, followed by no further activity.

The listings’ posters have obviously nonsense names, and typically a fairly low number of viewings.

Needless to say, having to plow through these useless search results makes YouTube considerably less pleasant.

Question: Is there a way to search YouTube and not return results which are live streams? Some setting somewhere I’m missing?

Question: Is there an official YouTube “submit your questions” page somewhere?

You could try searching using Google. search for xxxx where xxxx is what you’re looking for.

I can’t find any way to exclude live streams from the results. But unless there’s a red “LIVE NOW” notice under the video in the search listings, it’s not a real live stream anyways, just something to keep you waiting on the page with the shady link for a few more seconds.

No good, still get the useless “videos”.

I just submitted Google Feedback, but I confidently don’t expect any result from that.