"You've changed"

Told to me by someone special. Someone whom I am very fond of.
It went something rougly like this…
“Are you on a diet?”
“Uh. Yeah!!. Well I’ve been eating ‘normal’. I’ve lost a stone in a month”
Later, fairly out of the blue, she looks at me for a moment…
“You’ve changed”

Not “You’ve lost weight” or “You’re looking healthier”. No, a rather more neutral “You’ve changed”

What am I to make of this? I know it’s a complement because this girl doesn’t put me down. And I know I look better than I did.
Since that day her already friendly behaviour towards me has become more indecipherably forward and close and friendly(er). It’s almost as if she regrets the choice she made.

I get to see her (at work) for two days (tue and wed) and then she’s off on holiday with her [git] boyfriend.

:: Slow clap. ::

Congratulations. Whether it’s a haircut, a few lost pounds, sprouting a few inches in height or losing your glasses to show off your baby blues, you have officially become this woman’s type. Startled that she has so cavialerly overlooked you in her mate-worthy assessment before, you are being reappraised and she evidentally likes what she sees.

If her boyfriend’s gitishness is apparent to you, (I pause to note I like this neologism) it’s probrably flagrant to the point of deliberate cruelty to her. She may be making a move in your direction.

This is a pure signal for you to make some kind of a move to show you’re receptive, my friend.

The rest is up to you.

Could you tell us what it means?

Heh, go for it if you want to Lobsang

If it were me, I wouldn’t. Just for the simple fact that * I aint nobody’s sock puppet*. She had her chance. Also keep in mind; If she’s noticing so are other women. So take your pick buddy. :wink:

Also, a girl (or man) just jumping out of a relationship and into another?..
Red flag, Big Time…

Hello again Lobsang, long time no talk to! Is this the same fair damsel of which you have spoken in the past? If so, it seems the flame still smolders, eh?
It hard to say what this signals as it has been difficult to read in the past.
Good luck and go slow. I think it caused you some pain in the last encounter.


“Git” is a derogatory British term referring to someone you hold in contempt or don’t like… like calling someone a “scum bag” or something…

So “her boyfriend’s gitishness” just means “the measure of her boyfriend’s assholery nature”.

Yes, I made up a word to define a made up word.

I took it as a request for neologism :stuck_out_tongue:

probably because I didn’t know what a neologism was. Thanks to google, I now know it means a newly coined word or phrase.

From www.m-w.com:

2 : a meaningless word coined by a psychotic

As far as assholery, I think properlly that should be assholosity. But I digress.

Lobsang, good for you that she’s noticing. Too bad it’s a bit late. With luck, she’ll dump the git and then wait a while before she expresses further interest in you. To do otherwise would be bad form.

I’ll enter a vote for “assholism”.

I’d just like for you to tell me how you lost a stone in a month. I’d love to be able to lose that much this month since I’m getting married. Hell I don’t even need the whole stone, just half would be good.

Or it’s just jealousy on lobsang’s part, of course…

If you’ve been doing your part and being a touch cooler towards her, that combined with your obvious self-improvement would make her take a second look.

Sure this could be the movie of the week, but might just be a passing flirtation she’ll “correct” soon enough.

Don’t get over excited, Lobsang. Just keep looking after yourself and let her make a definitive move if she wants you.

Like SHAKES said, if she’s noticing, someone else is noticing too.

I lost a stone that month. I’ve lost more than two stone in total since I started losing.

To answer your question I cycled a lot. Sixteen mile ride round the Onchan/Douglas area. And ate less. I used to eat a lot of junk/bad food. I cut all that out, and went back to diet drinks.

Ironically the consumption of junk food has gone way up in my office. Certain new inhabitants order food far too often. It’s got to the point where they know not to ask me. In fact I think it was being asked (replying no) that prompted the question in the OP (are you on a diet)

Anyway, I’ve noticed women noticing me. I think I’ve even overheard them talking about me in groups! Fan-bloody-tastic. (I mean that sarcastically) Why didn’t I do this in the past! I had no self-esteem in the past. Yeah, that’s why. This girl has given me self-esteem… even before I lost any weight.
BTW her boyfriend is not a real git. He’s actually a nice bloke. A saintly fella. I call him a git because he’s got what I want.
Nic2004 It is the same girl. The flame still smolders.

First thing I thought of when I read the OP, was that you’ve moved from the ‘Never’ column to the ‘Maybe’ column. That’s a huge jump, congratulations. Once you’re in the ‘Never’ column, it’s damn hard to get out.

That said, what you want to be in is the ‘Hell, Yes’ column. Keep working on it, you’ll get there.

Sometimes, women will only notice you when other women notice you. If your itinerant female noticed the others noticing you, that may account for the tectonic shift. Especially if the “git” has degraded somewhat.