yowch, it must be summer

Actually, when I walked out of the office to go to lunch I thought “It’s nice and warm out here, I kinda like it.” Which will go to show you how much of a cold-blooded freak I must be by the time I finish this story.

So, I go to lunch, which was completely uneventful, as a quick bite to eat at a Wendy’s should be. Then, as I’m walking back to my car, I look in the back window at the wireless adapter I had just installed 2 days ago for the computer in my car. It had melted.

The plastic case looks like someone hit a block of playdough with a hammer. I’ll post a picture later. This disturbed me greatly, so I’ve now taken it out of my car and into the office, to prevent further liquification. I’ll try it tonight to see if it’s still functional, but I really don’t have much hope of that.

Anyone know how hot it’s likely to get inside a car when the ambient temp is around 90 F? I looked up the datasheet for the adapter, and it says it should be okay for non-operating temperature ranges up to 158. Silly me, I thought that was enough. With luck, I can get it replaced. Or, if it’s still working, not get it replaced, and just move it to a cooler spot in the car.

Sigh. Poor little thing never even had a chance. It even smells of too-hot-plastic (not that I’m inhaling deeply or anything. [sub]Woo! I’m gleaming the cube![/sub])

My deepest sympathies. I was stuck at a red light beside the Palmer Auditorium about three thiry and watched it flash 103 degrees, 101, 102, etc. Considering it’s only the first day of summer, that was incredibly depressing.


It still works. :smiley: