Yule Log (TV)

Those in NYC may remember how WPIX Channel 11 used to run the Yule Log which was just a film loop of a burning log in a fireplace

In case you liked that here’s a list of Tribune owned stations airing WPIX’s *Yule Log *this year

[li]New York/WPIX ~ 4am-6am & 9am-1pm[/li]
[li]Philadelphia/WPHL ~ 9am-12pm[/li]
[li]Washington, D.C./WDCW ~ 8am-10am[/li]
[li]Seattle/KCPQ ~ 5am-10am[/li]
[li]Miami/WSFL ~ 9am-11am[/li]
[li]Denver/KWGN ~ 5am-9am[/li]
[li]Denver/KDVR ~ 5am-7am[/li]
[li]Sacramento/KTXL ~ 4:30am-9am[/li]
[li]St. Louis/KPLR ~ 8am-12pm [/li]
[li]Portland/KRCW ~ 5am-9:30am[/li]
[li]Indianapolis/WXIN ~ 4:30am-9am[/li]
[li]Bloomington/WTTV ~ 4:30am-6am[/li]
[li]Hartford/WTIC ~ 9am-11am[/li]
[li]Grand Rapids/WXMI ~ 3:30am-4:30am[/li]
[li]Harrisburg/WPMT ~ 5am-10am[/li]
[li]New Orleans/WGNO ~ 5am-7am[/li]
[li]Chicago/WGN-9 ~ 2:30am-7am[/li]
[li]WGN America ~ 8am-11am (EST)[/li][/ul]
**KDAF/Dallas, KIAH/Houston, KTLA/Los Angeles and KSWB/San Diego are not showing the WPIX Yule Log.

So have you ever seen the Yule Log? If so what did you think of it.

Here’s a website dedicated to facts about WPIX’s Yule Log. Note: A lot of the site is flash so dial up users may have issues and should skip the intro

Our local CBS affiliate has been claiming that they are showing the Yule log Christmas morning but the preview adds all show some 2x4s burning on the beach. I’m planning on having it on tomorrow just to see it, it’s something new arround here.

I’ve heard about TV yule logs, but I don’t remember ever seeing one in the L.A. area.

Comcast On Demand has both Yule Log (with Christmas music) and Fireplace.

Yes. And Comcast (At least here in Roswell, GA) also has a view of a snowman like you’re looking out a window into your yard whle it’s snowing. There’s another one of a snow covered fir tree. Since they’re on demand (free), they’re either 20 minutes or 40 minutes.

We’ve had standard def and high def fireplace all month. I taped some to the DVR for future fake fire needs

I’m watching the one I mentioned earlier and it’s pretty good just a bonnfire on the beach and occasionally a guy walks into the frame and puts more wood on the fire. It’s a pretty good way to start Christmas day. It’s on KKFX for anyone in the area.

I know this is a little late but in ON with Roger’s digital cable the Yule Log is showing 24/7 on Channel 175 in SD and 570 in HD