Yummy non-fat dessert recipes?

My husband’s aunt (and my MIL) are coming to visit tomorrow for lunch. Aunt recently had surgery and is on a totally no-fat diet. This is a woman who normally loves the chocolate and cream-laden rich desserts I usually bring when we go to dinner at her house. She’s absolutely hating this diet but has been doing fantastically at it. I’d like to do something a little more special than a fruit plate. Any recipes? Thanks!

Angel food cake is non-fat. Serve it with a non-fat whipped topping and fresh fruit, or thawed frozen fruit which will make its own sauce; chocolate syrup is also non-fat.

Lolipops :slight_smile:

Maybe jello and fat-free yogurt parfait thingies?

I don’t know if you have time to bake, but there is this mix called “No Pudge Fudge” Brownie mix. You make it with nonfat vanilla yogurt. It is really, really, good stuff. You can also make single servings in the microwave. The last time I saw it in the store, I think it was at WalMart, and Trader Joe’s used to carry it, but I haven’t seen it in the TJs around here recently. I don’t know if it is completely no-fat, but it is definitely a lower fat dessert.

Check out the freezer section as well. There are some lowfat sorbets that are positively yummy.

You could also serve some (chocolate) fat free pudding with the angel food cake. This might not only give you some ideas, but be a good site to give your husband’s aunt a link to.

A parfait of sorbet, non-fat frozen yoghurt, and non-fat whipped topping is nice and looks pretty.

My mother used to make (during the fat-free craze a few years ago) something we all called “Chocolate Stuff.” It was a layered dessert, with cubes of angel food cake on the bottom, topped with fat-free, sugar free chocolate pudding, then the top layer was a mixture of fat-free cream cheese and fat-free Cool Whip. It was delicious, and the cream cheese gave the Cool Whip a better “mouth feel.” In fact, we still make this when we want something sweet and decadent, but don’t want a whole lot of calories.