Yup, you heard Joe Scarborough right!

On today’s (November 10th) “Tucker” show, Carlson said some very complimentary as a lead in for his next guest, Joe Scarborough and at then end of them Tucker asked Joe, "How’s that for an intro? To which Joe replied,

“That’s pretty fuckin’ awesome.”

Not quite able to believe my lying ears, I replayed it a couple of times. And on further review, the ‘fuckin’ ’ still stands. So then I replayed it with captions and here Scarborough’s words were truncated to just “Awesome.”

I was surprised that Scarborough would be so vulgar. So was Tucker — but he wasn’t dismayed. He seemed to laugh delightedly.

I saw that too, but after several replays I heard it as “frickin.” I am about to tune in to the 6:00 replay of the show to see if they cut it.

Did Joe seem drunk to you? He sure did to me.

Yes, he did seem a bit drunk. Do you think he got fired and had a flask handy? Why else would he get tipsy? He insists he was glad that his party got trampled in the elections.

Please let us know what the 6pm repeat shows. I stand by my effin’ interpretation, but I’ll listen to what you have to say.

The 6:00 show played it with no cuts or beeps. I brought my wife in for a second opinion. After several replays we noticed that if you look at his lips you can definitely see him making the “R” sound, as in “fricking.” But while you can see the R, you can’t hear it, and it really sounds like “fucking.” I don’t know why he would be drunk, other than the obvious reason that the dems took control. He also seemed really pissed at Bush over the Rumsfeld thing.

Before going to work, I saw the 9 pm EST broadcast of SCARBOROUGH COUNTRY & all seemed well to me.

The video.

Sounds more like fricking to me.

That’s fuckin’ clear as a bell to me.

I was doing a crossword puzzle when I heard Joe say it. I snapped up and replayed it again and again.

Tucker likes to be cool. If Joe had just said frickin’ he’d have taken it in stride. But he was taken aback, for an instant. Watch the replay.

Yup-barnowl nailed it. “fricking” would not have engendered that response from Mr Pretentious Bow Tie Wearer (forgot his name).

Thanks for the vote of confidence, ER. :smiley:

BTW, I figured out Tucker’s real problem some months ago.

He’s still pissed because his voice never changed. Have you noticed his upper register squeak when he gets in a snit?

Nope-I listened to him once and figured him for a guy with SMS. SMS=short man syndrome, the huge, chronic chip on the shoulder because of his height. Jon Stewart was correct in his public assesment of Tucker.

I wonder if he listens to NPR. Someone from the FCC was on last week, and from the snippet I heard, it appears that profanity in news shows won’t draw fines.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I’ve actually found Scarborogh’s show pretty entertaining lately. He’s a conservative but he’s not a nutbag about it. He has a sense of humor, he lets other people talk, he’s willing to criticize his own party and his show lacks a lot of the kneejerk, partisan rancor and defensiveness that you see on most political talk shows (even Olbermann can overdo it sometimes). The way Scarborough kept playing Don Sherwood’s campaign commercial (in which he admits he cheated on his wife but denies that he tried to strangle his mistress) and laughing his ass off about it kind of endeared me to him a little.

I guess now that he’s out of politics and not running for anything anymore, Scarborough doesn’t feel the need to toe the party line so much and can say what he really thinks. He’s a lot easier to tolerate than Bill-O or Hannity, that’s for sure.

Scarborough rocks. I was delighted. Just fuckin’ delighted.


Agreed. The few times I caught his show many moons ago, I figured him for an utter far right lightweight.

He’s loosened up a lot and now he seems to make some cogent observations.

But Tucker’s another matter. So friggin’ smug, so dismissive of Democrats.

Oh God, how I hope we seem some true statesmanship coming from our Dem-dominant Congress in these these next two years.

Change seem to see. Damn!

Listen to the vowel sound! It is the swah or “uh” sound. You don’t find that sound in fricking.

I also saw it broadcast and noticed Tucker’s reaction at the time. I was surprised and right pleased with Joe myself. Bully for him!

Listen to the vowel sound! It is the swah or “uh” sound. You don’t find that sound in fricking.

One might hear while fucking, as well.

I can’t quite make out the “r” sound, due to Tucker, but I definitely here the “i”, so I vote for “frickin’”.

Sounds like frickin’ to me, but he cut it awful frickin’ close.