Zatch Bell rocks!

I love this show. It’s so funny. Not Excel Saga funny, but still funny.

“Try new Fulgore light!”

It looks a little kiddy to me, but maybe I’ll give it a try.

Oh, it is kiddy. That’s why it’s so funny. You haven’t had a pure, goo-gearted laugh until you see the “face-fruit”.

Classic lines include:

“Iron-Maaan Fulgooooore! Incincible Fulgooooore!”


“Wow, Hong Kong looks a lot different than in the brochures!” (Note: this was said in London.)

Ehhhhhhhhh. It’s on the same evolutionary level as pokemon.

Then you haven’t paid much attention to it. It is silly, but not nearly so pointless as Pokemon. Seriously, even the “Mamodo battlew” only come around once every 3 episodes or so.

Well, I’ve only seen one episode and then another half episode.
But, to be fair, I’d rather undergo a vasectomy via weed whacker than see another.

Each to their own though, right?