Zis is KAOS, ve don't purchase complete series here! Get Smart is finally on DVD!

I have loved this show since childhood, and I have lamented the lack of a DVD release, especially when coupled with its being stricken from TV Land. But now, the DVD set is out!

Get Smart Complete Series on DVD

It’s $200 for the entire series!

What about shipping? Don’t tell me there’s free shipping.

There’s free shipping, Max.

I asked you not to tell me that.

I’ve just spent $1900 on rent/deposit for a new place I’m moving in to, and I’m going to owe half a month’s rent to my current place once I move out next month.


Convince me to buy it! I know I should. I also welcome posting homages to the series.

What would you say if I told you that if you buy this immediately every waking moment of your life from this moment forward wiill be filled with rhapsodic ecstacy and glee.

I would think that was untrue.

Would you believe every day filled with smiles and laughter like a girl scout troop of little girls riding unicorns while being tickled by faeries?

No, I don’t think I would.

Would you believe countless great nights filled with the laughs of a bunch of friends?


How about a good night sleep because you know you’re going to buy it at some point anyway, and the sooner you have it the longer you’ll be able to enjoy it?

I’ve been waiting for this, but now I’m afraid to buy it. :frowning:
I loved Get Smart as a kid, but I’m worried that if I saw it today, I would just think it was stupid, and I can’t risk that.

If someone can confirm that it doesn’t suffer from the Laugh In syndrome, I might get it…

I just want to see the episodes with the Magna Lamp and the great baby buggy switch.

I can not wait to see Steve Carell deliver Maxwell Smart type lines.

Can’t you just see him doing the “would you believe” routine?

Oh my god this is going to be great.

I hope the series is netflixable because no way I can afford to buy it. :frowning:


That was my Christmas gift for myself. I’ve only gotten to the middle of the 4th season. It’s still funny but the first season was the best and it does go down afterwards. What they began to lose was the verbal humor.

Like the guy who invented the ice cube microphone. He tested it in every kind of liqueur he could think of.

That really tells you something about his personality.

The he was really dedicated?

No, that he was a drunk.

The slapstick increases as the series goes on. Kind of like Airplane! morphing into the Three Stooges.

Time-Life has been offering this for a while. Missed it by that much.

Barbara Feldon.

Enough said.