Zombie! vs. Sequential Thread Titles

Haven’t seen any around this week and though I may have simply missed them … why not?
Just now in the Pit:

Open Message to my nose and sinuses
Killdozer - for real this time

How can I make money this summer?
I want to move: Sell your city/region (or country) to me

I just wanted to say that I shot two scenes in Zombie! vs. Mardi Gras. (I noticed the exclamation point in the thread title.)

Actually, you are making me wast a post, Johnny because I remember you saying as much in the past, as well as your explanations of the old cameras that were used, and I really want to see that crappy film to add to my list with Plan 9.
Now I must go look for more threads.

I don’t think it’s crappy! I think it’s hilarious. (The director calls it “cinema of the absurd”; and it helps if you have seen some films by Jean-Luc Godard, Roger Corman and George Romero, and can imagine them in one person who is making a film. :wink: )

Who are the Upstate New York Dopers?
Sniffing me.

ANd again in MPSIMS:
**The Secret of the Universe

Atlantis found by satellite photos? HELL-O!?**

Q: **How can I make money this summer? **

A: ** DopeStock '04 **

**Well, I may or may not have a new job…

The Celebrity Death Pool 2004 **

**Unintentionally disastrous childhood acts

Do you think a normal guy would ever wear women’s undies ?

Worst situation to sneeze (possible TMI) **

Cafe Society

If I like the musical group Coldplay, I’d also like…
Bands that put out the same song over and over again.

(Don’t know Coldplay and their work, but it just fit, m’kay?)


Dopers with Clitoral Piercings
How often do you wash your pussy?

:eek: :eek: :eek:

As someone who absolutely loathes the mind-bogglingly overrated crap they spew, I need to present **screech-owl ** the Best Sequential Thread Title Ever Award. :slight_smile:

Awwww!! Thank you, sweetie!! :: blush ::


How To Say “No Thanks” (Politely) On Match.Com?
Ask a waiter!

Some things are better left unsaid…
Zombie! vs. Sequential Thread Titles

After this post, it should be:

Zombie! vs. Sequential Thread Titles
Some things are better left unsaid…

Either one works really.

'Nuther IMHO:

Snooping in abandoned houses
Habits we’d like to ditch…


**Only a southerner knows…
The World isn’t Small, it’s TINY. **

Not on SDMB, but just noticed this on CNN.com:

GN’R plus STP equals…
Courtney Love charged with assault


**A WARNING For The Guys…

Fifth grade girls have boobies.

Some Settling May Occur **

**Fifth grade girls have boobies.

A Principal with principles **