Zoo on a plate.

I don’t know if they have it any more, but Red Robin (burger joint) used to have a burger which contained the following: A beef patty, bacon, and… a fried egg! Three species finally together at last!
Pallela, would be another good one, as it usually includes: chicken, sausage (pork,) clams, and crab.
Anybody know any other dishes that bring so many of our animal friends together in one place?

Cheap supermarket sausages.

Especially those ones with the chunks of “well, I think it’s bone”

I know of an old diner that had a “muppet special”. Frog legs, bacon… There were a few other little things on it, but you get the idea.

It was disturbing.

In South Africa they seved us a pizza with a fried egg, sunny side up, right in the center. With the pepperoni and anchovies, it was a trifecta - and smelled so disgusting I had to fake my way through dinner coughing it into my napkins and leaving them on the vacant seat next to me.